Is this the end of the road for Colby?

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SOURCE TEXT: Freeman Colby / Letter from division hospital / October 1863


For specific data & historical quotes: 

Dr. Bonnie Brice Dorwart's article, "Disease in the Civil War" [ @ ] features a breakdown of the five most common & deadly diseases of the American Civil War: 

"Whether one reads surgeons’ personal journals from the period, official reports of the surgeons general or even generals of both armies, the refrain is the same: sickness is everywhere. This, from the U.S. Sanitary Commission, is typical, poetic, and sad: “Disease, insidious and inevitable, is now stealing through the camps…menacing our dearest treasure—the nation’s youth.” ...
"Of the 700,000 soldiers who died [in the Civil War], more than 400,000 perished with sickness. ..."  

Also see Terry L. Jones's "Brother Against Microbe" [ NY Times: Opinionator ]:

"Although historical studies of the Civil War often concentrate on the treatment of battlefield wounds, disease caused two out of three deaths. Cramming thousands of men into small areas led to frequent outbreaks of measles, pneumonia and smallpox. Those soldiers from rural areas were especially susceptible to such diseases because they had never been exposed to them, as had soldiers who grew up in overcrowded cities. ..."

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