So the first 27 videos are just what was sitting in my YouTube :: to quote my rambling self, "I'm Polish, which I guess that means my stuff doesn't have to be that polished" * * * I'm looking forward to making more polished works of art, AND, I enjoy doing incessant improvisation [the art of "improving" upon things], and also "rapid prototyping" (to quote Otto Scharmer) -- namely, do it quick, dirty, often, make mistakes, give yourself feedback and get better. What I upload later to the "Creations" page will be whatever it is (thanks Tautology Man), AND, I know I'll want it to be quality, whatever it is. And I'll post lots of other fun goodies over in this Activity section. Huzzah!
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What do you want me to ship you / send to you / make for you for supporting me?

A handmade card?  Letter?  Postcard?  Bookmark?  Book?  Novel?  Poem?  Video?  Thoughts?  Advice?  Interaction?  Skype?  Conference Call?  Assistance?  Consultation?  Appreciation?

I'm feeling a bit confused when I think about sending out rewards, wanting connection and clarity from you, the Unknown Patron (soon to be the Known Patron!), about what you'd like to receive.

So, think deep and wide, reach into that mythic "reward drawer" in your mind, and tell me what you find, and we'll see what we can do, yeah?

For $1 (a month?), I will at least attempt to connect with you about this question of how we might find some win-win reward situation.  If the numbers of supporters goes crazy high (hopefully!), I'll likely need support in connecting with all my supporters.  You, whoever you are, are getting in on the ground floor of my Patreon campaign, and right now I'm feeling quite open to hearing from you.  I reserve my right to not personally respond to everyone at any time, but if I do so, I hope you trust it isn't out of malice, but because I'm needing to take care of myself in other ways.

* * *

P.S.  It would be a gift to me worth $12, such that if I had it, I'd pay you just to pay it back to me.  And maybe then some.  Why?  Your interaction and connection has limitless and uncountable value.  If you want to connect with me and collaborate or want help or want to offer help, awesome!  Send me a bit of money, and when you need it back, please, ask, and I'll do what I can to help you out.  I, ultimately, want to be of service to you, us, and all.  I want to build a global culture of servants, leaders, teachers, learners, lovers, and madmen (in the holiest sense of the term).  I am willing to do work.  For $12 a year, I would love to connect with you and see how we might collaborate at creating a world society that works for everyone and where everyone cares about *each* other.  

And I understand that you might find that hard to believe.  But, it is one of my dreams, and I would love support in manifesting it.
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