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21st June - 27th June: This Week on 0612TV
Five videos went up this week, starting with the Finale of Speed Model! We completed construction of our 3D model, and went into the animation. To stay on the safe side of some policies, the final result was shown in a different video. Check them both out here:

Speed Model Video:

Final Result:

On Wednesday, we took a close look at High Dynamic Range Imaging (HDRI). I walked you through the whole process as well as some of the theory behind why HDRI is needed, and how it can be abused:

On Thursday, we had an episode of Pinpoint very closely related to the Wednesday episode. We showcased a GIMP plugin called "Advanced Tone Mapping", which performs Tone Mapping on a single image:

On Friday, we looked at the audio buffer, the mechanism in your computer that allows programs to send sound to the speakers and to your headphones!