22 - Omnic Lab: Duo Queue Like a Boss
Well Met Omnic Scientists! Glad to have you still here in the Patreon supporting the show. We're getting ready to ramp up quite a lot of things for you as Patron supporters and upcoming patrons, so please listen to the end of the show that we mention some of the changes.

(FYI we know the video has a small bit cutoff in the beginning and Andres in only 1 ear. It's fixed for the audio version. For some reason our OBS freaks out for the show music still and routes Andres's Mono Audio to only one ear. We're hoping to iron this out by next week)

The TL;DR version is we want to restructure the rewards, and make less total levels of support. It makes sense to be paid for producing each episode instead of monthly (more details on the show) as well as maximizing what our goals are for the show financially to improve our equipment with your generous donations! Last, we want to encourage you all to jump into the discord (especially you console guys and girls)! Our discord just added our friend Matt (Fatcake) as an admin on the discord!He just achieved the Master Rank this week also had a killer great idea of making a spreadsheet for grouping up on google. Here's the link for the Google Sheet, but as a patron, you can have access to edit the document, but only if you Message Fatcake your email address on the Discord, so the link is view only for now: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ipWEXbgJXDFV844S2j77XkGfmBWheFC3EFGDjlsLHXk/edit?usp=sharingAnyways, the show has also been placed in your podcasting apps, so here's the website link. Don't forget to get your summer merch Soon! October 1st we'll be removing all summer items (tanks and the like) and be rolling out some Hoodies!You guys Rock, thanks so much for the support! Lab Host OUT! 

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