22 Permaculture Principles from The Possibility Alliance
The Possibility Handbook  is implicitly about permaculture, but the overt message is about the ways we can change ourselves so that we can become Agents of Possibility and change the world. As a result, many of the permaculture lessons gathered from The Possibility Alliance will not make it into the final book although they remain useful to the Permaculture community as a whole. One of those gems is this list of permaculture principles that blends together popular ones from authors such as David Holmgren, and others I’ve not found elsewhere.

What are your thoughts on this list? Would you add more, remove some, or combine any together? Which ones do you want to use in your own practice? 
  1. Observe and Interact
  2. Catch and store energy
  3. Functional interconnection.
  4. Multiple functions (stacking functions)
  5. Redundancy
  6. Relative location
  7. Design from patterns to details
  8. Favor biological resources
  9. Use and accelerate succession
  10. Use edge and natural patterns
  11. Small scale intensive systems
  12. Obtain a yield
  13. Produce no waste
  14. Nature is beautiful; Emulate this
  15. Apply self-regulation and accept feedback
  16. Slow solutions (earth speed) (limits)
  17. Use and value diversity
  18. Creatively use and respond to change
  19. Listen and ask (use intuition)
  20. Commit: to land, bioregion, group.
  21. Interdependence (we are one) - The Golden Rule of Life
  22. Apply these principles in every aspect of life.
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