Oct 15, 2018

11th October 2018 - the BBC published a written and video report by Middle East correspondent Jeremy Bowen. Bowen applied the BBC spin to the interview he was given by the commander of the volunteer National Defence Forces that are defending the Christian town of Al Skeilbiyyeh against attacks by terrorist groups such as Nusra Front and Jaish Al Islam encamped less than 700 meters away from the 20,000 inhabitants of the town that has been attacked many times.

I visited Al Skeilbiyyeh on the 10th September, the day after they had been targeted with cluster rockets launched from the Al Madiq citadel occupied by Nusra Front, Ahrar Al Sham and Jaish Al Islam and the White Helmets.

In the BBC report Bowen ignores the recent attacks, including upon the neighbouring Christian town of Muhardeh 3 days prior to the attack on Al Skeilbiyyeh, with the same cluster munitions that massacred 13 innocent civiliians in Muhardeh.

Read Eva Karene Bartlett account of the attacks on Muhardeh here:…/…/

The title of Bowen's propaganda report is entitled "Syria war: why I fight alongside Assad's forces near Idlib" and this quote is attributed to the commander of the NDF, Nabel Alabdalla. The video below is the full unedited interview and this is not what the commander says. He clearly talks about the steadfastness of the Syrian Arab Army (and allies) in preventing the terrorist plague contained in Idlib invading the bordering areas.

There is no reference to "Assad's forces" which is a typical ploy by the BBC and Bowen to portray the Syrian Arab Army, which is the Syrian people, as an elite Presidential force - that is then reinforced by Bowen's comment that the "Regime" (forces) have been accused of being the "biggest killer" in this war - a claim that would be fiercely denied by the vast majority of Syrian people who owe their lives, freedom and protection to the SAA. This is the dehumanization process employed by the BBC state media to bolster narratives required to back up the UK Government's foreign policy in Syria. The SAA and its allies must be reduced to villain status and the reality of who they are, erased from public consciousness. 

Not only the Syrian people, people in the West who understand what is being done to Syria by their governments also appreciate that the SAA is defending Humanity against the terror threat that has been created by those who would destroy Syria.

Here is a message for the SAA from many of those people:…/in-honour-of-the-syrian-arab…/

"The Syrian Arab Army and the Syrian people are one hand"

My article on the connection between the Syrian people and the SAA:

Of course Bowen goes on to describe the terrorist groups as "rebels" while ignoring Nabel's explanation of who exactly is occupying Idlib and who is funding and promoting them, which includes the British Government. When Nabel mentions the role of the #WhiteHelmets in sustaining the war in Syria, Bowen literally turns away. I was told by one BBC journalist that the White Helmets is a subject that is too "polarising and controversial" - meaning that the BBC line is the UK FCO line and they are not going to question why their government is financing terrorism in Syria.

Nabel and his NDF volunteer fighters have erected photos of all the fighters who have been martyred defending their people against the Western-sponsored terrorism. I have filmed the memorial to the heroes outside the military center in Al Skeilbiyyeh. In a moving tribute, Nabel told me that he had placed their memorials around the center so they can still be among their comrades who continue the battle against terrorism in Al Skeilbiyyeh and the region bordering Idlib.


How does Bowen describe this touching and moving tribute to martyred heroes? He says " the regime venerates its own dead". Despicable spin by the BBC. The people of Al Skeilbiyye "venerate" their sons, fathers, brothers, uncles, husbands - the souls of the martyrs, young men who gave their lives to protect their families. They are not fighting for some political gain, they fight for their country, their people and to defend their way of life against extremist groups whose aim is to ensure their extinction if allowed to spread their hatred and sectarian violence across Syria.

Nabel says " It is a reminder that people were sacrificed and that their blood will not go to waste, and their friends and fighters will continue, until achieving the victory, security and peace in Syria."

Bowen's report ends with the line "the war against the 'rebels' is nearly won but Syria is a long way from peace".

Bowen needs to spend more time talking to people who are now living in peace in areas liberated by the Syria Arab Army that he has consistently maligned. The war in Syria has been prolonged by journalists like Bowen and media outlets like the BBC, now they are having to let some of the truth trickle through but not without still spinning it in the favour of the interventionist alliance and their terrorist proxies.

For those who did not see the BBC report:…/syria-war-why-i-fight-alongside-assad…

I will shortly be writing a full report on the time I spent in Al Skeilbiyyeh and with the brave fighters in the NDF who have courageously stood firm against the terrorist hordes that threaten their security on a daily basis.

Here is the statement that Nabel Alabdalla gave to me when I was there: 

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