How do we poop?
Hey patrons! We received a question today about our #1 choice of products for #2... and figured we would share it right here in case you're looking for a good solution as well.


This is the collapsible toilet we use:

We tried the bucket style but it's very unstable so this was what we eventually landed on (literally). While the bucket was nice for dual-use... it was bulky while this packs down into a manageable packing size.


For privacy we use this from Restop:

There are some bigger shelters out there that are stronger but there's two reasons we use this style. 1) It sets up in about 60 seconds. 2) It traps heat so showering in cool weather is AMAZING because it holds in the steam (if you're using hot water of course).

Cons: It traps in other fumes as well... only has one window...


For bagging up "stuff" we prefer the Restop bags over the Clean Waste bags because they're higher quality and we never had one puncture. Here's the link to the bags:

The best place to buy these are at outdoor or overland events because they're significantly cheaper. Tell Lou (yes, that's his real name) that we sent ya! But don't wait, he sold out fast at Overland Expo West... 

Any other questions on gear? Send us a message and we will share the answer with the other Patrons too!