Publisher files suit against Nocturnal Reader's Box, alleges $100,000 in books from multiple genre presses are missing
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Nocturnal Reader's Box (NRB), a "subscription box service shipping horror-themed books and merchandise for the price of $35 per month," shut down in September. According to Bleeding Cool, the service run by the husband and wife team of Jessica and Vincent Guerrero was the "subject of numerous complaints about late or nonexistent shipping, changes to the company’s terms of service, missing or different-than-advertised items, and purportedly non-existent tracking numbers."

The website for NRB currently states that "We’re temporarily closed!" Despite this, people online are alleging that NRB is still charging credit cards and that automatic renewal charges are still going through.

However, it appears the issues with Nocturnal Reader's Box go far beyond customer complaints. Multiple small press publishers are stating online that NRB received their books but never paid for them. These publishers include Broken Eye Books, JournalStone, and other unnamed small presses in the horror genre.

JournalStone has already filed a civil lawsuit against Jessica and Vincent Guerrero and Nocturnal Reader's Box (court filing at those links), with one unverified report on Twitter stating this press is trying to recover $31,000 for unpaid books. In addition, JournalStone's Facebook pages says (in what's evidently a message from the publisher) that "Six different publishers have now contacted me and informed me that Vincent did the same thing to them as he did to me." The Facebook post alleges that more than "$100k worth of merchandise" has not been paid for. (Note: you have to log into Facebook to see the post; here's an image copied to Twitter for anyone who needs it.)

With the initial review of the lawsuit set for next April, JournalStone is likely looking at a long road to recover any of the alleged loses.

People are also spreading the word about possible connections between Nocturnal Reader's Box and Horror Bees, a monthly subscription box focusing on B horror films. According to Book Goggles, "Horror Bees is claiming to be run by Vincent's parents, the same ones who apparently instilled in him a love of horror. In a now deleted review on the company's Facebook page they reported that he was initially involved but that he is not part of the company." 

In response to these issues JournalStone's Christopher Payne built TwitterStone, a mystery book box aiming for its first delivery around Halloween. In addition, readers are suggesting buying books from the affected publishers

Unfortunately, many small genre presses work on extremely small margins. If these allegations are true, these presses could have a very hard time recovering.