Finished Cute Dolly~
My handmade art doll is completely finished! 💟

I am so, so happy with her!  She is so soft and pastel and sweet~ 🌈

Details include her soft flannel body, sparkly pastel fabric for her clothes, cute mismatched buttons, a sweet embroidered face, and a full head of long, fluffy pink hair!!

Here are all of my posts where I walk through the creation process for this doll:

...And with that, you have a finished plush doll!

The chunky buttons placed around asymmetrically are some of my favorite details~ 🌈

I am super happy with this project, and learned some things so that I can make future plush dolls more efficiently, if I'd like to try again~  (I already have a color combination + fabric in mind for another!) 💫

What I'm most happy about is that my finished product looks very close to my original artistic vision, as seen in this sketch from December of last year!

The only major difference between my sketch and the final is that the skirt was meant to be shorter, and with a more flared shape.  I could have achieved exactly the intended shape by making a circle skirt, but I opted for a rectangular skirt shape because I specifically wanted the vertical stripes of the fabric to stay vertical all the way around. ✨  (If you look at circle skirts, especially ones with definitive prints like stripes or plaid, you will see them bend and warp around the shape, because of the way round things drape.)

I love her to bits and she will look so lovely in my room! 🎀

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