[HS] BonesFramework 1.0.0

EDIT: An updated version is available here, please take this one instead!

Today it's time for a special release:


BonesFramework is a plugin that allows modders to add new bones to clothes at runtime.


Version 1.0.0 (Mega) 


"Wait that's all?"

No, not really, I still have things to say. The plugin alone doesn't do anything actually: for it to work, modders need to make clothes compatible with it. Since this was a commission for Roy12, you should actually check his new release, there is a good chance he'll start using BonesFramework for his future releases.

If you're a modder and you're interested in making your clothes compatible with this, the full documentation is available here, at HF.

In any case, I plan to release something that uses BonesFramework quite soon (not via Patreon though).

It's obvious that this plugin opens up new possibilities (longer skirts, floating sleeves...), so I really hope the modding community will start using it.

Anyway, have fun with it modders!