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MA#76 Cold Forge
Hey Everyone. Hope this post finds you well and prepping for a game. I want to thank everyone for their support. I'm at 88 patrons, the highest number I've been at. Creeping closer to that 100 mark. That's pretty cool. Newest patrons are Luca Bernabei, Bob (everyone needs a Bob), Michael Brannaman, and Brian Miller. Welcome aboard.

So Cold Forge is the third level in my micro-mega dungeon. It has been a while since I revisited this. The previous two locations are MA#30 The Dirt Collector and MA#28 Crypt of Sir Reginald. Wow, Patreon needs an internal search, took me a while to find these two. 

In the third level the party discovers the dwarves were greedy and paid the price. Think a version of 'Event Horizon' movie. I introduce a new pocket dimension 'The Quiet'. A place where sound doesn't exist. It is rich with minerals, metals, and gems. A honey hole for the dwarves who sought more. It is a difficult area to travel within and the dwarves wanted access to areas no one had even been to. They paid the price. 

The encounter with the demon is not balanced for low-level parties. It is a horror that could easily kill one or two characters before they even know what hit them. Tone it down if needed. 

I ran this adventure a while back and tried to envoke (not invoke, I checked) an atmosphere of foreboding...but Monty Python jokes and imitations were already circulating around the table. I had no chance. Once "Tis but a scratch" and "Must be the king, he ain't got shit all over him" begins what ever chance of seriousness a GM wanted to achieve is tossed into oblivion's port-a-potty. 

So, I went with it. I turned the entire level into a Python session. I regurgitated, recycled, remembered poorly some other lines from the Python movies and had a blast. The possessed dwarf became a bored version of John Cleese who yearned to drink ale, but the everytime he took a drink the ale dribbled out the large hole in his throat. So yeah, I out Pythoned my players. You can't beat Python, but you can also use against the party!

I think two characters were extremely wounded. I toned down the damage from 1d6 to 1d3 since the party was made up of 2nd level characters. They iron spiked the doors closed. 

A funny moment was when the party was talking shit outside the spiked door and suddenly the door disappeared and the demon was standing right there. They tucked tail and fled screaming. The demon had used its 'invisible touch' power to make the door vanish. 

Alright guys and ladies, I hope you find the adventure useful and it finds a home on your game table. Make sure you throw in a Python joke for me and you come back with you own stories about it.