Win A MasterPull SuperYanker!!

We really appreciate all you do to help support this show. So we’re going to give away a 7/8" 20’ SuperYanker kinetic recovery rope AND a 7/8" 10’ Bridle valued at $200. For product details, see

For every Patron who has bought a hoodie, we are sweetening the pot and giving back. There is still time to get your hoodie order in if you haven't yet. The pre-order for hoodies ends November 2, 2018, that’s less than two weeks away. So act fast and get your order done. Every Patron with a hoodie order is eligible for this giveaway. 

How do you win:

1. Be a Patreon subscriber, at any tier.

2. Have bought 1 or more Jeepcast hoodies available at

3. Send an email to [email protected] with a copy of your receipt. Each hoodie you ordered will be one entry in the drawing.

We will draw and announce the winner of the MasterPull SuperYanker and Bridle on the podcast on November 6, 2018. Thanks again for all your support.

For a No Purchase Necessary option, please email [email protected].