2018 NaNoWriMo Calendar Update!
It's almost time for November's National Novel Writing Month! I've updated my word counting calendar for 2018, available in monochrome black and white and six other color variations! 

The calendar is designed to track your daily progress by filling in a pyramid of blocks, each block representing 250 words. There's also a handy weekly assessment for each week to help you maintain your pacing so you can hit 50K words by November 30.

Like last year, there are two variants in seven different colors:

  • 2018-nanowrimo-50K - the regular 50,000 word version for people going for it!
  • 2018-nanowrimo-ywp-5K - a 5000 word variant for students who are doing a reduced word count for the Young Writers Program.

You can grab the zip archives attached to this post. You can find instructions for using the calendar on my official Nanowrimo 2018 Word Counting Calendar page. Share and enjoy, and good luck! The two download links are below.