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The Masters of War (and everything else)

"Yale was exasperately and mysteriously successful, and the power of the place remains unmistakable. Yale was organized. Yale inspired a loyalty in its sons that was conspicuous and impressive. Yale men made such records [in their careers] that … to rival institutions and academic reformers there was something irritating and disquieting about old Yale College."

"Numbered among Yale's graduates were inventors such as Eli Whitney and Samuel F. B. Morse; men of letters such as Noah Webster; statesmen such as John C. Calhoun; scientists such as Benjamin Silliman and J. Willard Gibbs; educators such as Timothy Dwight, future Yale president, and Andrew D. White, founding president of Cornell; and a future president of the United States, William Howard Taft."

"It is worth noting that every name I have mentioned, including the fictitious ones, were members of Yale's famous secret society, Skull and Bones, except for those few who matriculated before Bones was founded in 1832."

Yale, Skull and Bones, and the beginnings of Johns Hopkins

William H. Jarrett, II, MD -

 Daniel Coit Gilman, Yale 1852, the founding president of The Johns Hopkins University & William Henry Welch, Yale 1870, the first appointment by Gilman to the medical faculty of the new university in 1884. Welch became the unquestioned leader of the scientific revolution that fostered a new approach to medicine in America.  Both Gilman and Welch belonged to Skull and Bones.

"belonged to Skull and Bones" is perhaps very telling. One that accepts the tap and becomes a Bonesman may not have actually sold his soul to the Devil, but they almost certainly have sold their mind and body to the Skull & Bones and will answer the beck and call of those that hold high court in the Bones fraternity.

The Fraternity was established on the percepts put forth by Hegel for establishing World Domination in a 300 year timespan. The basic framework had been put in place by Adam Weishaupt in Bavaria with the creation of the Illuminati Order. The Illuminati were a secret society within a secret society, that being the Masonic Order. Much like the  The Sovereign Military Hospitaller Order of Saint John of Jerusalem, of Rhodes and of Malta or  Order of Malta is an entity within the Catholic enclave of the Vatican the Illuminati arose with in the Masons, but separate from it as well. Skull & Bones grew from the ashes of the Illuminati after they were outlawed in Bavaria and driven not in obscurity, but into even deeper secrecy in the Skull & Bones.

The Skulls graduate fifteen new members into the system every year, and those men become apprentices under either elder Bonesmen or are placed into positions suiting their field within Bones owned or controlled areas to include politics, finance, religion, government, education, publishing, natural resources including mining and timber and of course media in all it's forms.

 The initiation involves dedicating your life to furthering the efforts of the Skull and Bones, supporting fellow Bonesmen and following directions given by the council of elders. It should be easy to determine who they are, just look at who is still alive from the oldest graduating classes, it will quite likely include a Bush, Walker, Taft and other bloodlines that extend throughout the fraternities history. 

 If a Bonesman enters into business he will be expected to favor other Bones companies. If he enters law he will be expected to favor Bonesmen when adjudicating. If he enters politics he will favor Bonesmen in all sorts of manners. The mass collective “buying power” of this select and interwoven group compounds greatly as they expand their empires in many diverse fields, and when considering the influence remember the it will include families, not just the Bonesman.

Bonesmen in publishing and media include Luce of TIME/LIFE and Taft of TAFT Broadcasting, Bones influence in Politics include such names as, again, Taft, Bush, Kerry, becoming Mayors, Senators, Ambassadors, Presidents and even Supreme Court Judges allowed them to direct Skull & Bones interests at the highest levels through direct action of by the appointment of willing adherents or even controlling the unwilling through virtually any manner of strong arm tactics. Murder by "suicide" seems to be a favored method of dealing with those that might stand in their way.

There has not been a war since the Civil War that has not been under their control, and usually has been orchestrated by them and profited off of on all fronts. WWII saw the Order of Skull & Bones playing a significant role in bringing Hitler to power, and then ramping up the American war Machine to take him down. Along the way they consolidated power, carried out population reduction and implemented new standards of obedience and education and commerce that would be normalized by wars end.

Prescott Bush in Brown Brothers Harriman office with Bonesmen partners Bunny Harriman, Knight Woolley and Lovett 

Political appointments have served the Bonesmen well, from Samuel P. Bush, General Manager of Buckeye Steel Castings Company, being appointed Chief of the Ordnance, Small Arms, and Ammunition Section, War Industries Board as the U.S. prepared to enter World War I, to Roy Leslie Austin, nominated as ambassador to Trinidad & Tobago in 2001 by Bones Brother George Bush. He is one of 10 presidential appointments who were fellow members of Skull & Bones at Yale with President Bush, as was George Herbert Walker III, ambassador to Hungary from 2003-2006.

Diversification, cooperation, coercion,  subterfuge, blackmail, murder,  all of these and more are parts of the arsenal of a conspiratorial group that has taken a blood oath to support the notion that the ends DO justify the means and that oath supersedes any an all oaths the came before of will come after, including the oath of office of the President.

The 1% that "owns" America are mostly Bonesmen, the corporations that exist to profit off of war are almost exclusively tightly interwoven with the Bones. The politicians that wage the wars and media that inflames and reports on the wars are Bones controlled. The cultivation, transportation and supply of much of the nation's food supply is controlled by Bones interests.

I can off little in the way of a solution to the World being under the thumbs of such a small percentage of the population operating in collusion. We are slaves to their desires, the freest, most well treated slaves in the history of the World, but slaves still the same. I feel the best we can do is try and minimize the damage that they would do, be it through war or market manipulations. The only way to be free of their system is to remove yourself from it and become independent, but they have made that an almost impossibility in the modern world. 

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