🌈 HUMP DAY: The beginning of the end!


Once upon a time, I posted frequently in the free section of my Patreon. I wanted to let everyone know what I was like without having to go to my website or stalk me on social media. For a while, everything was going great: I met some fascinating people, gained a few Patreon subscribers, and had a lot of fun in the process.

Then I made the mistake of asking Patreon customer service a question.

They apparently investigated my page, found some of my free posts to be too adult for your average five-year-old Patreon subscriber that somehow found my adults only account, and demanded that I take the offending posts down. The problem was, they wouldn't tell me which posts were too offensive, and the ones I removed (the most obvious, to me at least) did not satisfy them.

So they suspended my account.

So I had a... spirited back and forth with customer service, ending in my removing ALL my free posts just to get my Patreon account live again.


After some cooling off and meditation, I decided to start a new weekly series of posts on Wednesdays, dubbed Hump Day, each admittedly pushing the line of what I can get away with in a public free Patreon post. This is the first of those posts, though it is little more than an introduction to the series. Next week will be the first.

So set your calendars. I promise I'll make it worth it. 😉

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