Yii development notes #25
November is coming and I have some news.

Yii forum is back to life

Yii forum is back to life with new shiny Discourse engine. I'm visiting it at least once a week answering questions and its UI feels really great. Try it! 


Long term Yii contributor, @SamMousa joined Codeception team and significantly improved Yii2 module. You can already see improvements in your apps if you update Codeception.

Yii Values

I was asked many times about how we, Yii core team members, decide on features, architecture and how we see Yii goals and values. This time, instead of answering, I wrote it down. It stands in line with original Yii philosophy that, Qiang Xue was following during initial development of Yii.

Yii 3.0

Yii 2.0

There were several extension releases:

We're preparing next release of the framework itself as well. That's going to take some time and release is going to be big since we were busy with 3.0 and fixes accumulated like crazy.

 Other things

I'm slowly getting used to my current fulltime job as a Team Lead. At first, I thought that it is similar to what I did at CleverTech where I was a Tech Lead but these two positions are, in fact, very different.  Hard to say what's more interesting but being a team lead feels harder. Maybe because it's not what I did in the past 10 years. Anyway, good news in getting used to it is that I so less overtimes and have more time for myself, for Yii and OpenSource and even can take care about some affairs about our family coffee shop venues.