Inktober 2 - Behind the Scenes
Hi Patron,

Sorry this has been a slow month for posting. I've been battling this flu/cold thing for a few weeks and it's all I've been able to do to keep up on my inktobers. That said, I thought you might enjoy to see a few more of the behind the scenes pages for inktober. 

The first one (in the title image) was for Unicorn. Which was (hopefully clearly) intended to be my wife. A lovely Witch and Unicorn lover to the last. The style of the Unicorn was absolutely intended to be in the vein of the movie "The Last Unicorn." Which is one of our favs. 

Here's the piece as it was scanned from my sketchbook. It was done with dip pen and ink, and a brush pen.

And here is the finished that I added some grays to and cleaned up a bit in Procreate.

The following are the pencils for "lizard." I went cute most of them but wanted to do a couple creepy and I thought this would be a good one to do by adding a bunch of demon faces or what have you in the water. 

Oh! And I decided to give her a tail. Tails are creepy right?

And here is the final for comparison's sake.

The next one up is Sloth. Originally I had the idea of doing a Witch sitting in a room inspired by 'Kiki's Delivery's Service." Mainly to give the Sloth something to hang from.

(on a funny side note, I was doodling this during my son's gymnastics class and my friend's daughter -waiting or her class to start - was watching me do it. She was evaluating which parts worked and made sense and which were too silly. You never get more honest feed back then from kids. lol)

After I did this rough, it occurred to me that Sloth's live in Central and South America -not England. So I tried to give the room a bit more of a 'Treehouse in the Rainforest' feel.

And finally Ferret. This one was a really quick for me to create, and it ended up being one of my favs. For whatever that means.

Here are the pencils. Similar to the Unicorn piece, I might like the pencils better than the final. Hmmmm.


And final, with tones and clean up in Procreate.

Hope you enjoyed!

Only two days left of Inktober. Woot! And October, obvi.

So Happy Halloween!