$5+ rewards have been sent out, what you might be missing + some updates on the upcoming Better Than The Book album!
Hello and Happy Halloween! It's the final Wednesday of the month which means I've just sent rewards out to the $5+ patrons and as mentioned in the proposed schedule, this time I have for you two tracks (+ some bonus stuff) from the years between Better Than The Book's "One Small Step" EP and debut album "Two Years On".

The first is a very pop-punk cover of Heartbeats by The Knife from back in 2013, and is the only BTTB track so far to ever be cut to vinyl (literally a one-off cut to test the cutting service)! You'll find an mp3, original WAV file and album art for the track in the download package as well as a WAV for the slightly more dynamic re-master for the vinyl cut and some artwork for the vinyl centre label artwork for your enjoyment :)

The second and final track this time is the 2015 collaboration with Jabun (is it possible to collaborate with myself?) GG [Good Game]! Mp3s, WAVs and artwork for that are in the download package too, and while this was a quick bit of fun at the time, a re-mastered vocal version of the track will be released in the upcoming Better Than The Book album "Hopes and Dreams"!

If that sounds all good to you then become a $5+ patron to access the rewards above instantly! These rewards will also be sent out to the $2 Hi-Fi Pigeons (everything) and $1 Pigeons (Mp3s and Artwork only) next week on Wednesday 7th November, and if you aren't already a patron, remember that you'll also be able to access all the previous music downloads for your tier too when you sign up, including last month's One Small Step EP!

For those of you who decide to join (or have already joined) the $10 DEMOlition Pigeon tier or higher, you're in for a special treat too as we dive into the creation and story behind track 06 "Get A Haircut" from the upcoming Better Than the Book album "Hopes and Dreams"! I look forward to sharing the journey with you with that one :)

Finally, and before I sign off this post, I just wanted to share a few updates on the upcoming album's progress! As of earlier this week, all 10 tracks have been edited, and I'm currently just in the process of freezing down some of the processing ready to start mixing in November. 5 tracks down 5 to go so far, so hopefully I'll have it done by the end of the week. Exciting times!

That's it for this post, and thanks again for supporting Better Than The Book and my other music projects on Patreon. Have a great Halloween night and beyond and see you next week post when I'll be sending the $1 and $2 patrons their monthly rewards. Until next time, take care!

[Note: Patreon charges on sign-up AND on the 1st of each month, so to keep the cost low for you folks, be sure to wait for the start of the new month before signing up or changing your subscription tier. Many thanks for the support!]