Exhausting Few Weeks
Greetings Patrons,

It's been an exhausting few weeks. But I'm fortunate to have a loving environment that heals me from long bouts of critical work. I'm regularly caring for community media centers. One as their Membership & Outreach Coordinator, the other as a part of the Executive Committee. 

This is what I do every Halloween for work. We spend about 4 days preparing this complete re-imagining of our television studio. It becomes a HAUNTED STUDIO for adorable little Malden children. Along with the Malden Chamber of Commerce, we make sure these little ones get AWL of this for free. I'm so tired. But I love knowing that these kids got candy, safe little scares, and a lot of fun.

If you feel like donating to support our continued efforts to provide a free haunted studio to kids in Malden, I wouldn't stop you. https://goo.gl/Y2Biec