Update Sunday #6

Hey there!

Today is Sunday and this means something great:


What's new?

As promised, I gave my best to make some progress on the battle system and I'm so glad that I can keep my promise!

I was able to add the first attack of Elora's eagle Keno and also integrated the hit animation of the lammergeier.

Maybe it doesn't seem that much, but as I'm still learning Godot, it's a nice progress for me.


Special annoucement!

I entered the IGMC contest with some friends!

MakerMoles and MightyMufflonGames will cooperate on this contest and we have only one month to create an impressive demo version of a completely new game!

Of course Ginimo will take care of the music!
Bad Stitches (makermoles) is our map designer and I will work on the technic stuff.

As such gamejam affords all the time we are able to spend, there will be no updates about Wings of Justice, but there will still be the Update Sunday, so I can show you some progress of our project!


Stay tuned and also fuzzy!

Mighty greetings

Your Mighty Mufflon Games team!