REVIEWMASTER $3/Month Rewards
This is a reward tier for those of you who would like to specifically support my reviews of digital art products. If you'd like to see me post more reviews on YouTube, here's your chance to make that happen while getting access to exclusive content not available to the public. Here's what you'll get:
  • You can suggest digital art products for me to review. Reviews will be chosen from the pool of Patron's suggestions by voting in a monthly poll.   
  • You can submit your questions about the products I'll be reviewing and I will answer them in the review video.

  • You can watch my new reviews as early releases before they go public on YouTube.   
  • You get behind-the-scenes previews of the products while I'm reviewing them.  
  • You'll get access to my private Discord channels where you can discuss digital art, tech and software with our Patreon community. (Limited channels)

Plus you can instantly download 2 PDFs

  • Color Guide: Learn how to choose color for your digital art using color theory to make educated decisions.     
  • Optimizing Your Computer: Learn how each component in your computer affects performance with digital art applications and discover ways to upgrade your computer to be optimized for creating digital art.