ARTIST $5/Month Rewards
Here's a list of the rewards you can access with your $5/month membership. Once you become a member, you can use the links to access the content.

📹 Ad-Free Access To My New Videos
Get early exclusive access to my  new videos  before they are public on YouTube. You can watch these new videos  without annoying YouTube ads during the time they are available on  Patreon.

💪 Group Art Challenges
Improve your skills by participating in a  monthly art challenge  that will encourage you to try new things. You have the option of  having your artwork featured in a YouTube video at the end of each  challenge.

🖼️ Access a Library of Reference Images you can use in your art.

🌲 Instantly access the Premium version of my 5 hour  Landscape Painting Crash Course for FREE!

🗎 Instantly download my Wacom Express Key Maps PDF plus my  Mandalas Digital Coloring Book PDF with 20 unique mandalas you can color with digital or traditional tools.

🤝🏼   Connect with Other Digital Artists
Comment on art and share your work in a private community  of artists from around the world. We welcome artists of all backgrounds  and skill-levels. Our community is a positive place to share and  receive kind and constructive feedback.

👀   Access to my private Discord server (Limited channels)
Make friends with fellow artists, chat about art, share your artwork and be a part of a community on my Discord server.

❔ Question and Comment Priority
Your questions and comments get priority over the dozens of messages I receive daily. Post your questions here or send me a private message on Patreon.