The Matter Of Consciousness - new book first release through Patreon.
I am thrilled to announce that starting tomorrow I will be beginning the release of my new book "The Matter Of Consciousness" exclusively through Patreon. This book has been in development for a while and I am now on my last edit as I finalize each of the two page texts ready for publication. 

For the next few months, in addition to my ten articles a month, I will be releasing a new text from the book on most of the days where I am not releasing an article. This means that as a patron (all tiers $5+)  you will be receiving plenty of bonus texts for the next few months. Then, once the book has been fully released on Patreon, I will be releasing it via Amazon Kindle and then as a physical book in Spring/Summer 2019.

I also look forward to creating audio editions of the texts which I expect to do in batches as we go along. $10+ patrons will receive these mp3s in addition to their three article mp3s a month.

Thank you for being a patron and supporting my writing.

With love,

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