Your Wider Existence - The Matter Of Consciousness
Your human self is your eternal spirit within a mask of fear and forgetting through which it is having an experience of being mortal. Your spirit is a creative force within consciousness that exists eternally within a state of infinite potential. It is the unconstrained experience of consciousness we each birth from before we cloak ourselves in the separation, loss, attachment, death, and mortality that underpins our experience of individuality.

When human, we experience the infinite potential of our spirit as our imagination—an inner experience through which we can taste the reality of our spirit. Because our spirit does not experience itself as separate from anything, it is not capable of feeling loss, wounding, fear, or the pain of struggling to survive. As such, our spirit is in love with life and eager to meet the challenges that being human presents. 

Many spiritual teachings idealize our spirit while denigrating our human experience. This polarizing action is a denial of how it is our spirit that births our human self from a state of infinite freedom. To judge your human self to be inferior—because it is neither entirely free nor constantly joyful—is to create a division within your perception of reality and within your experience of self. As the subtle, allowing, loving, and inclusive nature of your spirit becomes clear, it is most easily identifiable as the aspect of you that does not experience fear. In this you will see how your fears adorn your human self and form an intricate perceptual-cloak that focuses the unique intention through which your immortal spirit created your mortal life to explore.

This book is not only an invitation to consciously integrate your spirit; it is an invitation to better appreciate the remarkable cloak of human individuality you are currently wearing. You cannot fully know your spirit while you are rejecting your human self because—through that rejection—you deny the freedom of your spirit to experience limitation and mortality. Your human self is an extension of your spirit and cannot be said to be inferior; think of it as your spirit looking at itself within a mirror that focuses and reflects it as an individual. 

Integrate your spirit by no longer dividing yourself into what is loved (freedom) and what is not loved (limitation). This is to see through the illusion of separation and discover the shared, eternal, undivided state of consciousness behind the many faces of our individuality. 

“I choose to meet, know, and be All That I Am by no longer perceptually dividing my experience (and thereby myself).”


Your human self is an embodied form of your eternal spirit. Because our physical bodies have a finite lifespan, we perceive ourselves to be mortal with a beginning and end point in linear time. As such, our mortal self is experienced as being both contained and defined within linear time and physical space.

Your spirit is the founding aspect of your human experience of self / consciousness. It exists outside the confines and definitions of linear time and physical matter—meaning it exists eternally in an uncontained state of infinite freedom—and remains accessible to you even though you are currently embodied. 

When embodied, we are largely unconscious of our spirit despite it being the origin and foundation of our experience. To spiritually awaken is to become aware of your wider state of consciousness. This spans All That You Are which includes your outward experience, your inner emotions and thoughts, and the unconstrained freedom of your spirit / imagination. Because your spirit does not experience fear or separation, it knows itself to be directly connected to everything in existence as a part of a single, unified state of consciousness which is the source of all creation.

Within religion this unified state of consciousness is called “God”, but—instead of teaching us we are an extension of it—God is seen as a separate, superior, patriarchal state of consciousness against which we are each judged and found to be lacking. To awaken is to remember that YOU ARE GOD and the only judgment you face is your own.


“I feel empowered when I view my life as a choice I am making, rather than as something difficult that I must endure or overcome. When I divide the world into ‘what I love’ and ‘what I hate’, I create a division in my experience of self. Through the experience of this divide, I have come to feel separate and alone. Letting go of the idea that my human self is inferior to my spirit has freed me to see myself as the choice of my spirit to exist as an individual. I used to feel I had been forced to incarnate against my will because something within me needed to be fixed; now I see my human self as my spirit incarnate and I embrace the realization that I want to have this experience, no matter how challenging it may be.”