Gang, I received the best letter today. I think you may recognize the feelings expressed. Sometimes we feel alone in our plight, or that we don't deserve quality in our lives. Here's a great story: +++++++ Hey James, I know you probably get loads of e-mails and feedback, but I wanted to take the time to write you and pass on the biggest hug and thank you known to man. It has to do with your segment on being scarred A little background info...far back background info? ;) so i was kid who did one woman shows and loads of art at home in my room. I always did no end of crazy creative stuff. but it was for me. I kept it to myself. I was a happy kid for the most part. then i got it into my head that a happy life looked like working for the government (I'm from Canada's capital Ottawa) and having kids, being married and stuff. So i went to university for public affairs... and then I took an art history class... and then I took a philosophy class... and I continued to explore creativity. basically I ran off to Australia for a year... and I feel like creativity always follows me. before I knew it I was working for sotheby's and singing in an electropop band. I came home and for the past 7 years I have been finding out who I am. I worked for horrible bosses at a graphic design firm... got canned in a mass lay off and then went to work for the government... and I found the most amazing boss... a local politician that i worked with for his whole term, he believed that I would amount more than the job he had me in so he let me use hours working on a new band I am in which is taking off like crazy, he let me work on my arts degree (which I am about to finish) and he also gave me time to work on a radio show and all the projects I could to get my foot in the door creatively. at the end of February I took a flying leap of faith and left my government job after 5.5years. I ended up being offered the job as head of PR and Media for a new music conference in Ottawa that has as its mandate bringing more music to our city and helping artists see how they can make their lives work on a business level without compromising their art. my dream job. truth is... I almost turned it down. I've never had a job like this and it scarred me more than anything. but then I remembered all those years in the government when I had days when i felt like I was being a coward for not doing more. then... your video came exactly when i needed it. so thank you. seriously. from the bottom of everything i am. I'm still scared shitless... and wakeup in the middle of the night thinking of who I have to send press releases to etc... But i am doing work I absolutely love and I feel like I am growing... GROWING PAINS! :) all the best to you.
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