51 Yarns SAL: Introduction
 Welcome to our 51 Yarns Spin-Along (SAL)! I hope you will be joining us. This is a vlog that I put together as I was collecting my fibres for the study to explain what the study would look like, how it would unfold in a way that made it sustainable to work through, and some of the things I am planning on spinning.

Our teaching content (provided to all patrons of the community) will feature my ongoing study guided by 51 Yarns, by Jacey Boggs Faulkner. This is a study we agreed upon towards the end of 2018. The Spinning Circle thought it would be valuable to engage on a deeper level with our current spinning and work through a large spin-along. Here it is! 

We have a thread in the Ravelry group devoted to sharing our progress and yarn photos. Please keep in-progress spin photos to a minimum as seeing finished yarns is more appropriate for this study. As well, please clearly label your photos with the exact study you are working on for that yarn. For example, if you post about your Fine Wool study, please clearly mention that in your post! It helps others learn from you.

You don't need to purchase the book to participate and I am in no way affiliated with PLY Magazine but it is definitely helpful to have. You will have access to the monthly teaching content and for a more in depth discussion of the study each month, you will be able to access more through The Thoughtful Spinner content.

This study will take place over TWO YEARS so please pace yourself and think about how you'd like to tackle this challenge.

Please post questions and comments below!

Happy Spinning,