FAQ on Patron Rewards and Ultimate Masters Availability
First things first, it is looking very optimistic that we will have the Ultimate Masters orders fulfilled without hassle. When we get closer to the ship date, I will reach out individually and work out shipping payments. As of now I am still a bit leery of collecting shipping for a product that I may not be able to deliver, so bare with me.

There have been a ton of new patrons lately, welcome! I know my reward tiers can be a bit confusing so let me break it down.

Each patron at the $4 or above tier gets ONE booster pack cracked in their honor per month. This usually happens at the end of the month to make sure we don't miss any newcomers. You are more than welcome to opt out of the pack opening completely, donate the cards to the shop, or set a price threshold in which you want us to send the cards. If not, we will automatically send you the uncommons, foils and rares each month. Sometime we mistakenly miss a patron. If we do, please reach out to us and we will correct it by opening an extra the next month. You can see your pack opened via youtube each month.

The $10 tier is allowed ONE purchase of the an in stock item per month, receive cards via cardsphere at 86% market price, or purchase cards directly from us at tcg market price.

$20 Tier is allowed to purchase SIX items per month and unlimited amounts of accessories like sleeves or deckboxes. Keep in mind, one case counts as 6, not 1.

Every $5 above allows for an additional SIX items and the $100 tier is unlimited items.

Priority for limited set runs or items will be determined by both tier level as well as length of patronage. So far we haven't had to limit many products, so this hasn't been an issue.

Purchasing products is simple. Just message me here on patreon, or better yet, find me on discord and chat with me directly! That way we can work out the exact price, get an estimate on shipping and complete the transaction. Currently I use USPS by weight to get an estimate of how much shipping will cost. Usually this ends up being slightly higher than the actual cost to ship. If shipping does end up being cheaper, I credit it towards your next purchase. We will use the flat rate boxes when we can to save even more on shipping. (*If you are curious about shipping, most products will have a weight listed on their product description. Use the area code 84701 as shipping from and your zip code as shipping to and USPS will give an estimate.)

Payments are all processed through paypal sent via friends and family to [email protected] if for whatever reason you cannot send via friends and family (if you use a credit card for example) you will need to include an additional 3% to cover the paypal fee.

That's it! If you have any other questions that you want covered, feel free to respond to this thread and I will answer them. Every so often I try to give an updated list of products available so be looking for those posts or simply ask me!

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