💥 Soul Saga - Beta Update - 18.11.08

🤓 Wahooooo! 🦊

It's finally here!  This is a major update for Soul Saga that re-imagines all sorts of game design and drastically enhances the programming back-end.  The most notable change of all is the highly requested controller support!

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🔮 New Features 🔮

  • Full controller 🎮 / 🖱️ mouse support implemented!  You can choose your input mode in the settings menu.  As expected, controls work a bit differently between mouse and controller modes, but are both intuitive and natural.
  • Edit your graphics settings in game!  I've removed the old, gray, default Unity launcher (what an eye sore!).  You can now change the settings through the settings panel in-game. You'll need to restart the game for any resolution changes to take effect.
  • Elise got a new skill!  The G.O.H.O.M.E., an acronym for its profoundly complicated name, will teleport the party back to their home base instantly.
  • New Items!  Healing and other usable items added to stores around town:
    Healing Potion - (max 10) - Heals the target for 30% of their health.
    Super Potion - (max 5) - Heals the target for 60% of their health.
    Mega Potion - (max 3) - Heals the target for 100% of their health.
    Squabble Down - (max 10) - Revives a fallen ally with 30% of their health.
    Fast Food - (max 99) - Increase run speed by 50% for 20 seconds.  
    Monster Repellent - (max 99) - Prevents random encounters for 20 seconds.  
    Monster Bait -  (max 99) - Enemies will appear 5x more often for 20 seconds.
    Hearty Meal - (max 10) - Completely restores target health. Can't use in combat.

👋 Retired 🌄

Features removed because their project scope was outgrowing their game scope.

  • Elchemy Synthesizing.  Elchemy Synthesizing was a proud creative accomplishment of mine, but overall proved to not be great in actual practice.  I've removed it and just added amber to the shop in town.  This also means the previous tutorial and story segment related to crafting the amber has been removed as a result.  A secondary benefit to this is the story now jumps the player straight into the call to adventure instead of diverting to do the tutorial.
  • Lunchbox.  I created the Lunchbox system in an attempt to balance the classic "bottomless inventory" many JRPGs have.  The lunchbox system made it so all usable items had to be held directly by the character before entering combat.  Feedback on this system was mixed, so I decided to just use a standard inventory similar to classic JRPGs.  To maintain the gameplay balance that lunchbox was created to solve, the maximum item quantities in the inventory are limited based on the item strength.
  • Checkpoints.  In previous betas, the levels were very linear with no shortcuts, which caused frustration going to and from town.  I then introduced the checkpoint teleportation, which was well received by fans.  However, recently adjusted level design has added conveniently unlockable shortcuts in addition to shop items that enhance travel mobility.
    The value of these new features is undermined by the existence of the teleportation.  Since these new options make for a more immersive and dynamic experience than teleportation, I decided to remove it.  Overall, the removal of teleportation will help reduce development complexity while strengthening the value of other game mechanics.

🔨 Feedback Fixes 🔧

Adjustments to existing features based on fan feedback and personal observation...

  • You can now equip your amber anywhere in the world like normal equipment.  They no longer have charges and can be cast as often as desired.
  • Combat turns are MUCH more predictable now.  This is accomplished with a new "priority queue", which allows the player actions to always go before an enemy, even if the enemy queued right before the player.
  • Combatants will pause action point generation while a character is attacking.  This creates better timing for the actions and choice decisions, and balances the new "priority queue".
  • A cursor now appears over a target's 3D model in combat while their user interface button is hovered over.  This allows for the corresponding target to be more easily identifiable. 
  • Reduced action point generation time to 5 seconds from 7 (to adjust for the above change).
  •  A shortcut will now appear in Pleasant Woods after you've reached the end, creating a convenient time-saving loop. 
  • Several back-end programming architectures have been refactored and enhanced.  In short, this will require starting a new game.

🐞 Bug Squashes 🐛

Bugs that (should) be fixed...

  • Combat: Game may softlock if target is selected the same time it is defeated.
  • Combat: Game may softlock if target window is opened at the exact time an enemy is defeated.
  • Combat: The skill line-of-sight targeting arrows do not appear.
  • Combat: If Elise kills the final enemies with Firecrackler they will not award experience or items.

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