A Change Of Plans
I know there are Chaos Core and Dark Arts fans out there (as well as Highshield / Brightwill fans, hey guys!), so I understand if more delays to the release of any of these books is a bit dismaying. I'll work on them when I have time to spare, I love all my series differently but equally.

Thank you for voting, everyone, I paid attention to all the social platforms as well as the poll here, and your preference is clear: you want me to write and release Spinward Fringe books more than anything else, so, after I wrap up work on the first act of Dark Arts II (the first section of the book), I'm going to focus on Spinward Fringe Broadcast 12: Invasion and serialize it here until release day.

I have some extra planning to do, so you won't see the first chapter until Saturday 17, but after that subscribers will see two chapters a week on Wednesdays and Saturdays, non-subscribers will see one chapter set free every Saturday.

I'm happy to continue this epic saga, especially since the book starts with a closer look at some characters then ramps up, with a great deal of action and adventure. Broadcast 12 takes us into a section of the series that is best described as an all-out war that will have a lasting effect, but most of all, it'll be exciting.

Thank you again to everyone who shared their opinion, I like being able to approach you with this sort of thing without worrying about getting a lot of negativity in return. You are the best readers out there.