Free Video - A Haunting: "Persephone"
"A HΛUNTING" is a video from a Myrrh Larsen live performance, captured from the perspective of the audience, as if you were there: haunting our show from the future.

In addition to my "Private Concert" videos — one-take recordings of songs from the rehearsals of my various projects — one of my goals this year was to start a new patron-only video series in conjunction with my new patron-funded live concert series.

The SΞΛNCΞ shows are a curated night of dark music that defies genre lines, haunted by real ghosts portrayed live by movement actors, all in our beautiful boutique performance venue.

It's a very ephemeral, live-focused event, and I wanted to find a way to capture that experience in a form that I could share with patrons online.

Then this summer, I started an experiment: I handed my iPhone to a friend in the audience and asked people to pass it around during the show, filming whatever they found interesting.

Something magical happened in the audience that night: strangers connected with one another, following one another's gaze through the hands and feet of the musicians on stage, the candles on the walls, the shadows dancing across the floor. The phone was passed around, and the footage was like nothing I'd ever seen.

Unlike live video filmed by any one person, every moment of the footage breathed with the collaborative effort of the whole audience.

And at the next show, I did it again. And again.

As one of the perks of patronage, I'm sharing one of these videos, which I call A HΛUNTING, with contributing patrons each month that we have a SΞΛNCΞ show. BUT! So that you can get a taste, I'm posting this one for free to all! Please watch, listen, and share it far and wide!

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