Imouto 27 - Roller Coaster
The next attraction was Konoha-chan’s long awaited roller coaster. 

This amusement park might not have the biggest, but it boasted of a long track and height.

It’s very hard to imagine a human vehicle that falls at absurd angles and makes sharp curved turns!

What’s that, it’s practically perpendicular!

Well, it’s not as scary as a haunted house, but I don’t want to ride it several times. 

However, I’ve heard that you’ll get used to the initial fear gradually, so to be honest I’m not too sure!

Everyone screams at the falling part, and somehow just by listening causes mental strain……

B-But, I’ve never raised my voice and screamed before, so d-don’t misunderstand!

It’d be great to maintain composure even after saying that.

“It sure is high.”

“Man, it’s high.”

It was overwhelming to the point where Nii-san and I could only say those words.

“Ane-sama, this roller coaster is quite famous and it seems really interesting.”

I wonder who said that it was interesting. 

This isn’t from among a roller coaster enthusiast members right?

If interesting = scary, this onee-san will cry you know?

“If it’s scary, it’s okay to cling to me you know♪” Kouyou said with a chime.

I replied, “No, I’ll be fine clinging onto the safety bar.”

How are you supposed to cling onto a roller coaster?

On the contrary, it’s scary!

“I lost to a safety bar…”

What do you mean, “lost”?

“I thought so. It’s popular, so there’s quite a line.”

The roller coaster was very crowded similar to the haunted house. 

I kinda want to go on the coffee cups another time.

Well, we just got off it.

“But Nii-san, the line is going around quite a lot, so how about we wander around first?”

“Even so, won’t it’ll still take 30 minutes♪”

But Konoha-chan was happily acting as if that time was nothing. 

She truly likes talking doesn’t she.

Then, after around 30 minutes passed, our turn in line finally came. 

It seems likes a pair sit together in one row, so next to me is of course Konoha-chan.

“Hey hey, Konoha-chan. When the safety bar goes down, it feels sort of nerve wracking, you know.”

“That’s true. Ane-sama, If you become scared, shall we hold hands?”

“Allow me to do so!”

She seems very reliable. 

Our situation is somewhat strange, but I don’t mind Konoha-chan being adult-like.

Also, the row behind us is Nii-san and Koyou.

“Hey hey, Riku-san. Why are there no girls beside me?”

“Isn’t it cause of your usual behavior?”

“So cruel!”

They were waiting for takeoff in their usual manner.

After we finally started to move, we slowly progressed upwards in the beginning, so I kinda got really nervous!

Unconsciously, I held Konoha-chan’s hand tighter.

And then, as we approached the top at last, we went down the slope that looked to be almost a 90 degree angle!

「キャ─────!! 速い─────!!」

“Kyaaa——!! So fast——!!

“Waa, it sure is fast—♪”

What’s with that sort of composure!?

I decided to ask how she remained so calm after the ride. For now, I had to endure it by screaming my lungs out.


“It sure was fun♪”


I was still scared, and didn’t let go of Konoha-chan’s hand.

To think the last part was going to be like that…

Isn’t that rough even for people who ride roller coasters normally?

“...I don’t want to ride that anymore.”

“Ah, for sure. How about Fukubayashi-san? Do you want to ride it one more time?”

“No, one time was enough, I’m fine♪”

“Let’s take a little break, it was quite rough.”

Then, still slightly lightheaded, we started walking towards a bench.