December Voting!
Hey, folks!

Thank you all for your excellent topic submissions! From those submissions, we've distilled a list of delightful options for you.

There are four Tuesdays this December, so the three topics with the most votes will get episodes, as the 3rd Tuesday of the month will be an Editor's Note (in which we talk more about the Letters Page Podcast Awards, which we're announcing during this Friday's Editor's Note recording, so we haven't announced it or talked about it yet, so you don't know about the awards yet, so don't worry about it, for now). The last Tuesday of December is the 25th... which is some sort of holiday... so the first topic on the voting list would fit really well for that day! But, that's up to all of you, of course!

Voting closes this Friday morning just a couple hours before we go live with the Editor's Note recording, so get your votes in now! And then join us on Friday morning to learn who won! (And hear about the Letters Page Podcast Awards for the first time ever.)


Happy Holidays Episode (Stories, Characters, and Merchandise)




Story Arc: Baptism by Fire/War of Heliopolis/Horus of Two Horizons


Inversiverse: Dark Watch


Science in the Multiverse


Meanwhile: Guise and Scholar adventures


A Motley Crew: La Capitán’s Time-Displaced Teammates


Story Arc: Termi-Nation


Disparation: Heroes of the Mission Deck

Poll ended Nov 16, 2018
72 votes total

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