Changes to Project 7

Ongoing efforts to harness the power of the new game engine are progressing. We are confident we can make great anime games on PC and further down the line, consoles. We are now looking to start our adaption of the engine with a title we have not formally announced until now. 

With this engine, we have gained the ability to add whatever 2D game play we desire to our games, and believe we can get our games working on virtually all modern gaming systems. We will make a bigger product announcement soon, however until then...

Introducing Shining Song Starnova: Idol Empire , this will be replacing ProM as project 7 with the now allocated project 8 remaining on hold until Idol Empire's completion.

Our New Project Schedule:

- Project 7: Idol Empire (active)
- Project 8: ProM [code name] (on hold)
- Project 9: Wonderland  [code name] (on hold, following the completion of 7 + 8)

Additionally we have now updated the Patreon tiers and their description for the current project. If you have any questions do let us know.

FAQ Patreon Tiers:

  • Q - How does the Patreon early release work?
    A - You must have been backing the $5 tier or higher for at least 3 months of Idol Empire's development time as well as / including the month we announce that we're pulling the names off for the distribution (just like how was done for Shining Song Starnova). Both these criteria have to be satisfied to qualify for a key.

  • Q - How will the Patreon early release be distributed?
    A - Currently we're working on the assumption that this will be done with Steam keys, we're also looking at a GOG key exchange however we haven't been able to finalise this yet.

  • Q - How are failed payments treated?
    A - A failed payment will not count towards the total of months tracked unless corrected by retrying the payment method or using an alternative source, Patreon will usually notify you when this happens but it is worthwhile keeping an eye on your account manually just in case so that it doesn't catch you off guard. While we're not too sure right now how the month of release will play out just yet you'll either have the rest of the month to redo the payment (if the release is at the end of the month) or there will be a grace period after the new cycle payment of a couple of days in which you can do this or contact us about your situation (if the release is close to the new cycle). Please see the Patreon support page for more information.

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