New Feature! The Unwatched List #1: GIANT

This new series kills two birds with one stone- creating comics for Patreon at the same time I find a use for my sizable collection of unwatched DVDs, VHS tapes and Blu-Rays. We all have them- that guilt-inducing shelf of gift movies, TV series box sets, and taped school productions starring relatives, all gathering dust as their respective formats teeter towards obsolescence. My plan is to watch one of them a week and produce a page of comics in response- maybe a review, or a story inspired by my viewing, or maybe just random doodles drawn while the thing is playing. This first selection was suggested by Gretchen Harmon, who has the DVD coming to her if she wants it.

Thank to Ken O'Connell of Copic Media for donating Manga Manuscript Paper.

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