Dear friends,

Waitingtime is over! Here is  CRAVING CURSES reloaded V0.04  for my patron fans.
Thank you so much for your support in the past months.

Due to the longer development time I decided that every patron (5$ or more) in September and October 2018 should receive the game by email, even if  they are not my patrons anymore. The mails have already been sent!

A few words about the game:
As always, I would have wanted to do a lot more than I actually managed to.
There is one place on the map that is still displayed as "Not available". But you can visit the Seaport at several times in the game to continue the story there.

One important thing: Since I removed a bug from V0.01 and changed the map script, it is possible that your previous savegames cause errors. For bug-free play, you have to start the game from the beginning.

I'm still working on the journal that will give you hints  on how to proceed with the story. Unfortunately I couldn't include it in  this version yet. But it will come soon!
Do you have problems to continue the story or find any bugs? Please just send me an e-mail or pm. I'll answer you promptly.

Mailadress: [email protected]

V0.04 is the first compressed version of the game. With less than 1.5GB I was able to reduce the size of the game a lot.

The link contains the entire folder in my OneDrive. You can choose your download for MAC or WIN.

At the end of December I will stop working  in my current job so that I can spend much more time in the development of the game. I plan to make this my profession, release monthly updates and create a  team that I can work with to produce much more to make you happy.

My "team" will expand for the first time in December. I'll start working with Doug, who will proofread and correct all dialogues and translations. Doug will also take over the translation from V0.05.
Therefore in advance: Welcome Doug ✌ 


I wanted to give a special thanks to the following people, who helped me out with the development of this game. Thank you so much guys.

Burkhard Schmeer - Dubbing actor for game soundtrack

Recording studio: Lüne Tonstudio - Help with soundtrack and recording

Samantha Collier – Ideas and a bit more

erretter – Proofreader / game tester / The one with the best feedback ever!

Irasor - Translation

Robert Waites - He's been my most loyal patron for a long time. Cheers my friend. May you be well where you are now.

Z - For beeing my PLATIN Patron

Thank you for your support, your time and the many good words that have encouraged me to go on and on.


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