Status Update - Great things happening!
Here is a quick update on what is happening over the next 2 months. Some of these are RPG Research exclusively, some are RPG Therapeutics LLC related, but figured folks here would be interested in hearing about both.

Eagle Peak Alternative Public School.

Still in the early stages, but thought you'd want to know a public school has contacted us indicating they would like us to provide weekly game sessions. As we work out the details, we'll post updates.  This is a "last chance" alternative public school for at-risk youth with 100+ students from 4th through 12th grade. They previously tried to implement RPG on their own (before they knew about us) and it went awry, so they asked for our expertise to help them try again. We presented Wednesday and they are now excited to get under way.

Drop in & RPG Now Weekly

We now have Drop in & RPG programs every Friday, at a variety of locations:  The latest addition it at Spokane county library in addition to the Spark community center, and the mobile locations. 

RPG in Prison Documentary

Also we've been engaged by a documentary company about bringing RPGs into prisons across the country. They have been doing documentaries on this topic for about 10 years already. 

RPG Research Forum

Additionally, though old-school, we're getting our forum back online soon (in addition to our already existing chat). We'll let folks know when it is ready for the public. 

RPG Education Online Courses

Oh, and also the platform is mostly back online, though  we are still testing it to see how it survived the migration and upgrades with the existing students. Then we'll announce it to the public to join again. 

RPG Therapy Chapter for Textbook "Facilitation Techniques in Therapeutic Recreation"

The 30 page book chapter on "RPG Therapy" will be finished this month for the next edition of Penn State publishing's "Facilitation Techniques in Therapeutic Recreation" by professor John Dattilo. 

At PAX Unplugged on Panels

Also Hawke Robinson (founder RPG Research, president of RPG Therapeutics LLC) is speaking on multiple panels at PAX Unplugged. 

RPG Professionals Handbook

And the nearly 300 page (8x10 hardcover) book "RPG Professionals Handbook" is still on schedule for publication by the end of December. 

Lots of great stuff going on! 

Thank you all so much for your support!

-Hawke Robinson

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