Interrogation Tuesday (13 November 2018) results

What is the most inauspicious day of the week?

At some point pretty early in my childhood, I developed a superstitious certainty that nothing good could ever come of a Tuesday. It looks like 23.8% of you share a mistrust of Tuesday.

"Care to elaborate?"

"I start the work week on Sunday, which means I experience two Mondays every week."

—"Most days of the week have some distinction, Tuesday doesn't, really."
—"Maybe it's because Monday establishes the premise of the dread that the week holds, and Tuesday always seems to confirm that & elaborate on it."

—"The day the week changes from full of potential to another steak example of procrastination." 

—"I just waits there after humpday as most clamour for Friday. Poor thing."
—"Thursday is the February of days of the week - will it ever end?"

—"Honestly, does anyone give 100% on a Friday?"


—"Sunday leads into Monday, that seems inauspicious."
—"I get nothing done."

No day of the week inherently has more auspicion than any other.
—"I think that the above statement is pretty clear."

Every day is an inauspicious day.
—"Im too lazy to google what inauspicious is(its 5 in the morning sorry)"
—"Every day could potentially contain a bio test full of questions out of left field."
—"No, although I appreciate the offer."

How has 2018 been going for you so far? you want to talk about it? 

Fantastically, and thanks for asking!
  I joined a string orchestra, nearly 30 years after I last played the violin. It is SO much fun (for me, not sure about the poor soul sitting next to me).
     [Very cool, congratulations!]

It's been an unmitigated disaster.
  A tempting offer, but I'm learning to seal away my emotions so as to not impose on others.
     [That's a noble motivation, but I hope you know that everyone needs to talk sometimes and it's possible to find a good balance that doesn't constitute an imposition.]

It's been an unmitigated disaster.
  On a personal level, family level, state, national, world, ALL THE LEVELS shit has been a constant way of describing events/scenarios. Overwhelmed on a daily basis. (E.g. Our campus has had 2 known suicides this year at a university that usually keeps everything under wraps. Who knows how many more are secret.)
     [I can relate in a major way. I hope you have access to a good support system, whether that's an informal one with friends and/or family, or through campus resources, or other professional help.]

Not great, but it could be worse.
  Politics makes me upset.
     [Valid. There's a lot to be upset about in the world's politics.]

Not great, but it could be worse.
  I think it’ll seem better when looking back on it from the future.
     [I hope so!]

Things have been going slightly well.
  I'm doing well in school, Star Citizen is to a point where I can play and enjoy it without crashing, and Smash Bros is coming out soon. But I'm pretty fed up with my mom saying she respects that I'm atheist then sending me to everything church related anyways.
     [That kind of disagreement can be really frustrating, especially when living at home.]

Things have been going slightly well.
  I got accepted into college I've always wanted, but I'm not too sure about financial situation and/or mental health.
     [Congratulations! But that's also a tough situation. I hope you find a good balance that allows you to take care of yourself.]

Things have been going slightly well.
  Non-dualistic thinking has helped me work around and between my problems, instead of trying to fight them and inevitably losing.

Things have been going slightly well.
  It? That Stephen King movie? Never saw It.
     [Argh. I've been had.]

Spent the whole year doing something I hate for a reason I love.
  Chasing a dream can involve painfully character building experiences which may or may not achieve the aim.
     [Here's hoping it pays off for you!]

Rollercoaster of nonduality
  Any time.
     [Cool. Just let me know.]

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