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Why give to Lifewater Ranch?

I was blessed to work for Microsoft for 20 years and at the peak of my wealth, bought this place with a small percentage of my wealth to give security to my family during the scary days of Y2K.

Having successfully lost that wealth to many con men and professional money managers I am now land rich and cash poor.  My best chance to stay retired is to make a modest living by renting out my home at this ranch.

But this is not just a selfish endeavor to keep food on my table.  

As I continued to work at Microsoft after Y2K didn't happen I found myself dreaming of this ranch nearly every night.  It is a place I miss after only leaving for a day or so now.  It grows on you.  There are many special things about this place that give me peace and happiness and I love to share those things with others.

I support an entire other family on this ranch that makes a living growing organic chickens/eggs and pigs and cattle and harvests lumber on this place.  I also make the place available to people to stay for free in exchange for labor which allows people to enjoy it who would never have the funds to rent it.

Families and groups of 8-16 people can stay here in the summer months for a very modest rent and enjoy a superb estate for less than it would cost to stay at a motel.

I focus on healthy things for people to enjoy and even run a logistics support service for those with dire health problems that need help detoxing and recovering from diseases our techno oriented society tends to cause.

Lifewater Ranch, though a beautiful place is far out in the middle of nowhere and finds few takers due to its relative inaccessibility and far distance from large cities.

Thus I live at a near poverty level but enjoy the quality of life lived at a resort.

Maintaining such an estate is costly and those costs have become prohibitive for me.  A helping hand (or just more renters) would enable me to continue to share this place with the world.  We consistently get 5 star ratings from our guests and return visits.  Consider either a donation or a reservation today - you won't regret it.