Inheritance A21 Public Build
"After the passing of your estranged Great Uncle, you're surprised to find yourself listed as the sole heir to his estate.  With all the legal unpleasantness out of the way, you're now on your way to your new home.

Not sure what to expect when you arrive, you don't know if you're going to sell the mansion or live there, but once you step inside your entire world changes when you are suddenly faced with the fact that you now own two slave girls.

What do you do with them?  Do you follow in your Great Uncle's footsteps and use them for your own pleasure?  Do you treat them like servants?  Or do you nurture a relationship with them that just might blossom into something more, . . ."


This game features:

-A sand box environment.

-Dynamic relationship building.

-At present, 5 slaves with many more planned for the future.

-More than 90 interactive scenes.

-Many interactive functions that allow you to interact with your environment in meaningful ways.

-You can assign work schedules, tell them what they are allowed to eat, where they have to sleep, manage as much or as little of their life choices as you want.

-A system that tracks minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, and even years.  

-More than 140 images.

-A massive estate spanning 50 locations that you can explore.

What we have planned:

-NPCs who interact with one another, building friendships or rivalries over time.

-A fully customizable clothing system.

-Merchants where you can buy new items.

-Buy, sell, and train your slaves as you see fit

-Put your slaves to work cleaning, tending the yard, working in town, or pimp them out for a few extra bucks on the side.

-Pregnancy, sire and raise children.

-A weather system that will allow for the weather, and even the seasons to change naturally.

-And so very much more, . . . 


I encourage everyone to take a look at the Free version of the game linked below.  If you enjoy the Free version, please consider a small pledge.  With a small pledge, you gain early access to the latest build as well as other perks while helping ensure I can continue doing this full time!  Every little bit helps.

Inheritance is a text based game with art.  A portion of all earnings goes toward new art for the game.

Player reviews:

"Fantastic start, really immersive.

I tried to go the cruel path and can't continue, the girls' reactions are just too strong

Time to be a carebear for a little while I guess."


"I gotta say, I absolutely loved that intro. It has all the things that make me interested in a game. Specifically, the focus on writing and character building, the "emotional porn" I guess some call it, and yet still the arousal you get from a game like this."


"Man this game is awesome.

I want to be bad, but i end up feeling bad about being and then i'm good."


"Hm...I am conflicted ...the writer is good at making me question what the best path is ...I mean of the two choices here (I will never be a total abusive asshole, not even in a game so for me there's only two choices here, not 3 (abusing her is out of the question!), I can't even roleplay that! I can roleplay a greedy person, a person driven by revenge, hell even someone who's a racist should I really need to etc. etc. but not someone who's just an evil asshole!):

- stop Anna from having sex with you (either by saying you aren't even remotely intersted in her, which would in my case be a lie, not to mention totally uncalled for! Or by saying that if there's going to be sex then it will be consensual (which more or less means she has to initiate it without thinking that she has to, but because she wants it!))

- have sex with her but make it special for her (the absolute opposite to the uncle who basically used her as a living sex-doll!)

The first choice seems to be the better one at face value, but on the other hand: She's enjoying herself in choice two (she clamps down on the protagonist's head when he's eating her out because she has an orgasm and she seems to like kissing, too) and it seems to establish a better connection between the protagonist and her (not to mention that giving someone who's had very few good things happen to them a very good one seems like something you really should do)

I really don't know which is the morally superior choice...:(

ps: I love it when games challange me like that, sadly most AAA-Developers have stopped making games that really challenge you like this :("


"Oh shit, this is by the guy who is writing The Allure of Wanton Cove. "An emotionally damaged woman who is haunted by the horrors she has experienced" huh? Considering it's this guy, those horrors might be pretty harsh. Looks awesome."


What's new in the latest Supporter Build?


-Fixed a host of typos in existing scenes as well as fixed a broken bed time scene.

-Added a scene for Eve in the bathing room in the evenings.  Only appears 8pm-10pm in the evenings, at any relationship level.  3k words of content.

-Rebuilt the way some events work (Thank you HiEv for all the help.  All credit for the rebuild goes to you!).  Initially this will affect the karaoke content, but this same mechanic will be featured in the upcoming meal time rebuild, pregnancy, and had a lot of implications for other things as well.

-Added Cheat Menu options for Gaia, Mitsuko, and Rey.

-Wrote an intro scene for introducing a Karaoke machine to the lounge in the mansion. 1.4k words of content.  Sponsored by Matty.

-Added karaoke option to the sidebar in the lounge.  Have to trigger the intro event before it becomes available, and you'll want the girls present so their content can play.  Sponsored by Matty.

-Wrote "Achy Breaky" for Anna singing karaoke. .5k words of content.  Sponsored by Matty.

-Wrote "I will survive" for Anna singing karaoke.  .8k words of content.  Sponsored by Matty.

-Wrote "Like a Virgin" for Eve singing karaoke.  .5k words of content.  Sponsored by Matty.

-Wrote "Lollypop" for Eve singing karaoke.  .7k words of content.  Sponsored by Matty.

-Wrote "Wild Thing" for Eve singing karaoke.  .4k words of content.  Sponsored by Matty.

-Wrote "My Way" for the protagonist singing karaoke.  .4k words of content.  Sponsored by Matty.

-Wrote "My Girl" for the protagonist singing karaoke.  .4k words of content.  Sponsored by Matty.

-Wrote twenty four mini scenes for use with the karaoke system. .9k words of content.  Sponsored by Matty.

-Updated saves information to hopefully avoid conflicts with old saves.

-Added a new diary from the Great Uncle.  First two entries.  1.3k words of content.

-Added one interactive scene for Gaia in the forest.  1.1k words of content.

-Added three ambient scenes related to Gaia.  1.1k words of content.

-Added four more apple scenes for Gaia.  Available at low relationship values. 1.2k words of content.

-Added Cheap Computer interface.  .3k words of content.

-Added local advertisements to Computers.  Includes six sections. .3k words of content.

-Added personals to Computers.  Includes four ads. .2k words of content.

-Added help wanted ads to Computers.  Includes one ad.  .1k words of content.

-Added for sale ads to Computers.  Includes four ads.  .1k words of content.

-Added business advertisements to Computers.  Includes four ads.  .2k words of content.

-Added "Other" section to advertisements to Computers.  Includes one ad.  .1k words of content.

-Added new NPC to the game named Rey.  NPC code in game.

-Added intro scene chain to game for Rey character.  2.7k words of content.  Submitted by FaetheMaid

-Added a scene for Rey on the grounds.  Can play out in several locations at any relationship level.  .5k words of content. Submitted by FaetheMaid.

-Added a intro/followup scene for Rey in the entry hall.  Can play out at any relationship level. 1k words of content.  Submitted by FaetheMaid.

-Added cheat menu option to allow you to acquire Mitsuko and Rey for your home.

-Added two new images for the Attic.

-Added four new images for the hallway bathrooms.

-Added four new images to the gym.

-Added four new images to all of the servant's bedrooms.

-Added core cheat menu interface for Gaia and Rey.

-Updated the Special Thanks area 11/09/18


What's new in the latest free build?


-Wrote and added a new Sponsored Scene that can take place at night related to the Sleep function.  Requires that you have mid to high relationship with Eve, Anna must be sleeping with you and Eve is not.  4.9k words of content.  Generously sponsored by Matty.

-Wrote one new set of ending scenes for the St Andrew's Cross since there's a gap in the scenes for certain stat ranges.  This one should act as a catch all to prevent that.  .4k words of content.

-Wrote one new Hide and Seek event.  .4k words of content.

-Wrote and added two new Apple scenes for Gaia at fairly high relationship stats.  .9k words of content.

-Wrote and added two new small scenes for the Shower for when you choose to wash yourself.  .2k words of content.

-Wrote and added two new "Drive to town" scenes.  .2k words of content.

-Wrote and added two new "Drive home" scenes.  .2k words of content.

-Improved the Cheat Menu by adding return functions which should make it easier to navigate.

-Rebuilt the code for nearly all of the events involving Anna and/or Eve within the mansion (About 15 per location, across nearly forty locations.  The mansion is going to feel pretty busy now.).  Scenes involving Mitsuko and scenes outside the mansion will behave normally.  You're still going to need to summon girls to various places to use some of the functions though (Sex, Dungeon stuff, talk with them, etc.)

-Fixed a bug with Mitsuko's Ballroom content that was throwing a trinary of errors when you tried to comfort her.

-Made some small adjustments to the Billiards code.

-One of our coders was finally able to run down the bug in the Billiards code.  That should be working correctly now

-Other small adjustments and fixes.

-Added two images to the Kitchens.

-Added two images to the Laundry area.

-Added four images to the Lounge.

-Added two images to the Servant's Area.

-Added two images to the Storage area.

-Updated the Special Thanks area 10/23/18


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