Coming soon: the first update of Longwinter
Hello, the heroes!

This post is much later than I expected. I'm laying out the first part of Longwinter, and aside from the "why are you here section" and a few connecting paragraphs, it's mostly written. I've divided it into two parts:

Skin (the part that's for players and referees), which includes: maps, peoples, places, beliefs, and rules for time, survival, and recovery. In the next update I will add equipment, magic, and treasure.

And Bones (the part just for referees), which includes: expanded time rules, more map variants, portents, weather, encounters, and terrains. In the next update I will add the bestiary, curses, and an escape challenge.

I should be ready to publish it in a day or two.

There is also a 4,500 word fake travel guide that turned out to be a writerly dead-end, but which I will release if someone wants it.

Why did Longwinter take so long? Well, it turns out that shifting gears mid-writing from one large project (Red Sky) to another takes a significant chunk of time. More than that, setting up a project also takes a disproportionate amount of time. Lessons.

After this update, I'll work on the next chapter of Red Sky, and then - hopefully in time for Christmas, have the second section of Longwinter ready for you, and then ... then hopefully some announcements about the Ultraviolet Grasslands kickstarter!

Thank you for your patience and your support, you are true heroes making it possible for me to write and art!



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