CWCL Newsletter #5
'Morning, friends! Here's this week's newsletter for ya... 

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While my husband & I eat a gluten-free, dairy-free diet at home, sometimes we cheat while we're traveling, so we helped ourselves to some of this stuffing this last week. It's the best my family has ever made. 

These peanut butter rice balls look like a great snack to have on-hand during this busy season. 

I'm always keeping an eye open for gluten-free, dairy-free desserts, and this looks like a good one to try. These also look great. 

Prayer Tip

Whenever Monday morning rolls around, I find I'm still thinking about the Mass readings and homily from Sunday... Yesterday our priest spoke about why we refer to Jesus Christ as King (of the Universe) as we celebrated the Feast of Christ the King (one of my favorites!). This specific title of His reminds us that He is our leader, He is the one we follow loyally, without condition, giving all to Him and for Him...

When I really think about what I hold back from Him -- what I worry about, what I fear won't be protected or taken control of, I then realize those are the very things I need to intentionally pray about and give over to Him. Do you have some of those things -- things that you think you need to control because you're afraid of leaving it in His hands (in His arms)? 

I think a good exercise this week for me, and for us all here, is to offer up those specific things to Him. Try saying the Morning Offering each day this week, and including the very thing you need to give over to Him... 

The things that come to my mind to offer up: the protection and future of our family, our health, our jobs, our families, our fertility/infertility, our time, our resources, our worries, our hopes and desires...

"O Jesus,
through the Immaculate Heart of Mary,
I offer You my prayers, works,
joys and sufferings (and add your special intention here)
of this day for all the intentions
of Your Sacred Heart,
in union with the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass
throughout the world,
in reparation for my sins,
for the intentions of all my relatives and friends,
and in particular
for the intentions of the Holy Father.


This is also a great week to begin thinking about new year's resolutions, and I'm not talking about what you do to prepare for January 1st; I'm referring to the new liturgical year which begins with Advent. Just as we think about good habits to have in the new year (2019), I think it's equally as important to discern which holy habits we need to work on in the new liturgical year. I'd love to hear if this is something you do, or if you have something in mind as your new (liturgical) year's resolutions. I think I'm going to work more on dying to myself, more on having faith that God will be with me and will provide even when/if I'm in pain, and more on trusting that He's got this... that He's got me. 

Home Decor This Week

So. Many. Sales. It's slightly overwhelming, so I've combed through them for you, and here are my favorite finds:

This snowman glitter string is adorable. I can see this hanging off of a large piece of art or bookshelf. 

These velvet seat cushions are so pretty and lush-looking. I love the red and pink. 

This metal & enamel platter is so versatile, and that's my favorite kind of home decor. You could put little bottlebrush trees on it, acorns, or candles. A lot of different ways to dress this up! 

This galvinized tin candle set is a good price, and has a very farmhouse-feel. 

I love copper-anything, so this copper pedestal server caught my eye. So classic and just beautiful. I love the idea of filling a shelf with different pedestal servers -- they're just like art to me! 

I really like chalk boards and this one would look super cute in a kitchen or home with either the menu on it, or maybe a lyric from an Advent or Christmas song. 

This honeycomb vase is on my Christmas wish list. I love the texture and gold. 

You probably don't know this about me, but I love birds. I had a bird for 18 years; I think they're beautiful, so this cardinal LED pillar candle also caught my eye. BYGO 50%off. 

I reallllllly like this amaryllis

I'm adding this soap & lotion with caddy to my cart for my sister-in-law, it's one of her favorite scents and it's 30% off. 

This glazed stonewear serving bowl is beautiful! A good gift idea! 

Another good gift idea: this ceramic candle holder with candle.

I can't remember if I linked to this knit throw pillow last week, but I really like it. I saw the larger, square version in-store and it was pretty; definitely good quality for that price. 

Budget-Friendly Fashion

Draped vests are definitely in and this black one is a great one at a great price. Also comes in olive green which is really pretty! 

These plaid gloves are so classy; also a great price for them. I'd pair them with a solid-colored coat. 

This is a very pretty bracelet set. I love quatrefoils and white beads/stones!

These earrings are a great buy for winter! 

I've never really worn a jumpsuit, but I've definitely wanted to try one! This looks like an easy style to wear (some of them are just intimidating!). 

This dress is a very pretty style, and it comes in three different prints. 

This is my favorite dress shape of all time; so flattering! 

I really like the color of this dress. 

This long sleeve tee is very cute (50% off today only); I like how the fabric is different on the front and back. Also 50% off is this 3/4 lace sleeve top, this chiffon dot sleeve dress, this floral top, and this turtleneck sweater (I love turtlenecks).

Old Navy has had some of the cutest things in the last couple of years. Here are my picks from their cyber Monday sale: these block heels (I'm so grateful the block heel is fashionable right now - they're so much easier to walk in, this knit blazer (so many good reviews!), these houndstooth pants, this crewneck sweater, these block heels, this dress, this blouse (that pink is so pretty), and this light jacket. 

That's all for now! 

Praying for you beautiful women this week -- that you may feel seen, known and loved for who you are.