Let me help you celebrate Getting Back in Touch Day

What are these attached files, and how should I use them?

There are two file types attached to this post: PNG files (bare images) and PDF files (the equivalent images embedded in a printable greeting card format). 

Each format comes in three varieties: black and white, grey (with dot fills instead of full color fills for less ink usage if you're printing it), and full color.

As for using them, you have a lot of options:
- You could simply send someone a link to this post and let them pick their favorite format.
- If you prefer to share using a specific social media platform, I've got you covered, too:
  = the facebeast post
  = the instagram post
  = the tweet
- You can download one or more of these files and send it via email or text or whatever else.
- Or you can print one or more of the files and give it to a real person in real life. I guess. Weirdo.

However you decide to share, you officially have my unlimited license to do so with the following conditions:
- these are for personal use only
- you may not profit off of these
- you may not remove the minimal attribution found in these documents (i.e. the web address CrustaceanSingles.com that is part of each image)
  - but you may modify these files by coloring them, adding your own personal notes, etc.
I think that's pretty fair.

What is Getting Back in Touch Day? 

It's basically just an excuse to reach out to people you care about but (for whatever reason) have trouble getting back in touch with.

November 27th is the day I've arbitrarily set as Getting Back in Touch Day (GBiTD), but the spirit of the day can just as easily be spread on any other day of the year. If it helps, feel free to consider the whole next week to be "Getting Back in Touch Week". 

Read more about it in this public post.

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