Status going into December
Good morning Patrons and fellow Adepts! Ryu here to update you on what's going on as we wrap up our first month of the AoA Patreon and prepare to enter December. I wanted to make sure everyone was on the same page about billing methods, your privileges, and whatever else I can think of that is important for you to know before December 1st.

1) We didn't hit our $2200 goal this month, but that does not mean AoA will end. Eris and I are still working on the series. $2200 is the goal to ensure that Eris and I are being paid fairly for our work, but we are willing to stick this experiment out for a while longer because we believe in the series, our readers, and you, our loyal patrons. So AoA is definitely continuing into December, in case anyone was worried they'd get charged on Dec 1st and not have anything to show for it. Which leads us to...

2) A reminder on how billing works. As you should already know (the billing method is posted on the main page), we charge at the time of joining the Patreon. So no matter what time of the month you join, you'll be charged up front for the month and will instantly gain access to your advance chapters for your chosen support tier. The important thing to note is that after that first month, you'll be charged on the 1st of each month. So on December 1st, you will be charged again. If you only wanted to support us for the one month, and would like to avoid being charged for December, remember to stop subbing to the Patreon before the 1st.

This then leads into something I had read that some people on other translation patreons had wondered: will I lose my advance chapters if I stop subbing at the end of the month?

3) In my opinion, everyone who has paid and supported us for November is entitled to the rewards for that support. Even if you choose not to continue into December, you shouldn't lose the advance chapters you already have access to. So what will happen on the 1st is that I will be creating a new set of google drive folders for the new month. Links to these will be given to continuing Patrons. However, the old November folders will remain up, though they will not be updated past November 30th. If you're currently a Patron, but plan on stopping support before the 1st, MAKE SURE to save your google doc link. That way you'll have access to the advance chapters you're entitled to. Once all the old folder chapters have gone live on GT, I will delete the old November folders.

4) Lastly. THANK YOU to everyone who has supported AoA this first month on our own. Your support has shown that AoA has a readership who is strong, loyal, and outgoing enough to help make it so that Eris and I can continue to deliver this series to you. I will be working on finding ways to sweeten the pot for Patrons and get you more value for your dollar. Also, we are hoping to launch a $50/25 Chapter Fifth Grade tier early next month, as we have had a couple people interested in moving up another level if it becomes a possibility.

That should hopefully bring everyone up to speed before the end of the month. If you have any questions or issues, by far the best ways to reach me are either through Patreon, or through the AoA Discord ( ). If using the Discord, just message me directly or ping me on the server, preferably in the Error Channel.

Thanks again for this month of new life for Age of Adepts. I hope we will be here for a long time to share this journey with you.


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