Today I want to show you the color options that will be available for the sloop. Above you see the color map of the different sections you will be able to select for alternative colors.
  • blue - main fill
  • yellow - top detail
  • orange - middle detail
  • red - bottom detail

Each of these (for lvl3 upwards that is) you can choose to be white, black, blue, green, red, orange and yellow ... or a mix! So white and black will result in a grey tone. white and red will give you a paler red etc.

Here I have chosen yellow for the top, orange for the middle, red for the bottom and green for the fill. 

For sinister pirates you maybe want a darker color scheme. Next I have chosen all details in red and the fill in black and used the bleached modifier to tone down the color saturation. There is also a black and white option for the bottom hull. Here I have selected black for that.

I have also added the "inverse" wood skin, where the dark areas of the base wood texture are light and vice versa. This just gives you another flavor of wood look.

Up until now I had just empty opening for the gun ports because that is what I have found during my research. But just in case you either want no gun ports (merchant ship`?) or closed gun ports I have added options for that too now. I also added separate parts if you want mod the gun ports into open position ... and I think I haven't shown you the rudder yet!

I just have to update the fill color layers with the gun ports and should be done with all the corrections today so I am very happy that I managed to get a proper release in time :-)

All that is left then are the cut files which I will create and deliver after the weekend! And the I cannot wait to continue with the sailing rig!!!

Until next time, have fun and keep building,


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