So I visited the Bars in Tropicraft...
...and started this whole thing with a pun again, as I do. I by the way do not endorse putting Animals in Cages in real Life, however in a Video Game its perfectly fine!

But first, because it is way too important, EU Copyright Law starts to worsen a lot, and in less than about 3 months the free Internet will die because of it. Go and yell at your local European Politician, and if you dont have one because you're not in Europe, send them Emails about it, because this is going too far and will hurt a lot of people for no reason. 

YouTube has a very misguided attempt at fixing this Law by forcing everyone to use YouTube-Content-ID for Websites, and that is not a good thing...

I also broadcast a Message containing those two Links to all GT6 Clients, I wish I would not have had to do that, this whole System was only there for Emergencies and for Announcing whenever my Game is started to be worked on or in a releasable State, you know, the Stuff pointing people who still play GT6 to a new thing to play with. Well all of this is definitely an Emergency at the very least...

At least I am not mentally devastated because of this EU bullshit anymore, might be because the Sleep Apnoe got fixed and I have more Energy or something, maybe because I prepared everything I could before the Apocalypse with VPNs and everything, I dont know what else it could be, eh.

Now for the things I did this week:

I went to the Tropicraft Dimension, and oh boy I need to hold myself back from bitching at how bad that Mod is, so I try to explain my Journey as objectively as possible (for me, I am aware I lost objectiveness a "little" at the later steps). Also giving you a perspective on how I usually handle Compatibility with other Mods. Note that the order might be switched up between Sub-Steps, but its roughly right.

Step 1: Installing Tropicraft

  • Go to its Curse Page
  • Download Tropicraft for 1.7.10: Receive ZIP File instead of Jar File
  • Check Install Instructions: Says just download and drop in mods Folder
  • So I did that and Tropicraft was not loaded when I started MC...
  • This alone is already a violation of Curse Terms of Service and Curse was letting that go through without anyone caring.
  • I looked into the ZIP File then, and low and behold there is a bunch of stuff inside I need to install out of that.
  • So I did that and it worked the second time I started MC, since the first try got a Crash because of broken Assets.

Step 2: Getting into the Tropicraft Dimension

  • One would think the instructions are pretty straight forward, Get a Chair, a Sunset and a Drink and you are there.
  • What they don't mention is that the whole process does not work in Creative Mode.
  • So I sat on that Beach Chair and tried to drink that Pina Colada to teleport there, but nope, instead it PLACED the Bamboo Mug on the Floor.
  • Searching the Web I found a few unrelated Bugs, but nothing helpful.
  • Then I tried Survival/Adventure Mode and it worked finally, so I thought.
  • Turns out you not only teleport into the Tropics, you also instantly teleport back to the Overworld!
  • Tried to go there again ofcourse, and that time it worked at the very least.

Step 3: Going through all the Items it has in NEI for Compatibility.

  • Guess what came next, I looked up crafting Recipes for the Storage Blocks (you know 9 Gems = 1 Gem Block, that kind) and was surprised at how 9 Gems of Metadata 0 (Eudialyte) turned into a Gem Block of Metadata 2 (Zircon), and that this +2 in Metadata goes through with ALL Storage Blocks.
  • At this point I very much noticed that almost half of the Crafting Recipes of this Mod result in the wrong Items for not only Metadata reasons, but also Item ID reasons, and I realized that this Mod is probably the least cared for one, that I have ever seen in my Life, and I have seen the Highlands Mod.
  • But I already started this Madness and once I start something I dont tend to stop all that soon, so how much more bad things can I find and potentially fix with this Mod.
  • So I went on and first decided to fix all those lacking Materials that I had to register to my System, also the reason I nerfed Zirconium Ore because Zircon (ZrSiO4) is now a thing.
  • Then I went on with the Ore Dictionary for things like Pearls.
  • Until I arrived at trying to do the Wood Registry things for its Palms and its Mahogany...
  • Palm Trees have functional Planks, Stairs and Slabs, so no problem for me to add those.
  • But Mahogany, oh the Mahogany, not only does it not have Stairs and Slabs, it does have Mahogany Planks but those are not craftable whatsoever, instead the Mahogany Logs turn into Jungle Planks. And not only that, the Mahogany Planks look identical to the Palm Planks because they use the same Texture!
  • I went ahead and fixed what I could fix by just adding everything "like it should be" to my Wood Registry.
  • What is next? Oh right I looked at the Flowers, so I can make Dye Extraction and Biomass Recipes, and wait why the hell does a Blue Iris give Pineapple Cubes but the Pineapple doesn't?!
  • Then I wondered how you get Pineapple Cubes or Coconut Chunks since those dont have Recipes whatsoever. Turns out after testing, you need to use an Axe to harvest them to get the Chunks and Cubes. I decided to make GT6 Recipes so that it's at least better visible in NEI.
  • Coffee Berries, Coffee Beans and Roasted Coffee Beans, overall a nice thing to have those 3 stages, would it be that Coffee Berries have a Coffee Bean Texture, Coffee Beans have the Coffee Berry Texture and Roasted Coffee Beans can ONLY be made by Smelting Roasted Coffee Beans in a Furnace, yes you heard that right Roasted->Roasted.
  • In case you think I must be nervously twitching one of my eyes right now because of this insanity, you got it on point, that's exactly what happened halfway through this mess...
  • Then I went through those 5 Types of Sand that Tropicraft has, Coral Sand, Foamy Sand, Black Sand, Mineral Sand and Purified Sand. No Recipes related to any of those, except for Purified Sand to Glass Smelting. Well Black Sand and Mineral Sand seem similar to GT6 things dont they lets add some Recipes.

Step 4: Worldgen Code

  • Because GT6 Generates Overworld Terrain by Default in all unknown Dimensions (because Mystcraft and similar Mods) I had to do something to prevent that from happening in Tropicraft, and what better way there is as to generate GT6 Features in Tropicraft.
  • Ofcourse I first need to roughly examine the Worldgen in Tropicraft, like where does that Coral Sand come from and things.
  • One thing I noticed was, that most Water Mobs just froze Mid Air and floated above the Water Level, not all of them but most of them! No AI, no Gravity, no Anything! Some of them at least decided to Rotate randomly...
  • So I found a patch of Tropicrafts special Sands, and it was suspiciously square shaped, so I decided to turn on the Chunk Border View and yup, random chunks rarely get a different Sand Type, a very lazy approach at Worldgen.
  • There is Volcanoes made of this Chunk o' Head Material, maybe the naming was a bit off, but they are fine otherwise.
  • Then there is giant Kapok Trees with Dungeons inside them, they are basically Mahogany Trees with random Oak Logs sprinkled inside and Kapok Leaves that when broken drop Oak Saplings. Toootally nothing wrong with that...
  • Ofcourse I did some of my own Worldgen at this Place to make it more livable.

The Result of my Worldgen improvements.

Step 5: Cleaning up remaining Issues

  • When going through NEI I missed one thing, the Sifter, I did not even notice its existence until Bear pointed me to it.
  • Well what could be that bad at it, oh it takes vanilla Sand, okaaay, and it gives you Shovels and Buckets for basically nothing (10% Chance per Sand Block at the very least), so uhm that Recipe I definitely have to kill somehow...
  • But what about the other Sand Types? Well apparently all of them have the same Loot Table as the vanilla Sand, so that is already delete-worthy for that Sifter. Good that I have my own one where I can mirror the Recipes to and nerf the bad parts.
  • Worst part on that Sifter isn't the imbalance that it causes, its the way it has been visually Designed. Imagine an Oak wood Plank, now poke an 8x8 Pixel Hole in the Center of it and put that Texture on all 6 Sides of a Block. Then take the Mob Renderer from the Vanilla Mob Spawner and add that to it, now you got an Oak Plank Mob Spawner looking thingy.
  • When you rightclick this thing with a compatible Sand in your hand it takes one and places it where the Mob in a Mob Spawner would go, and Rotates it around with a motion going from slow to fast just like a Mob Spawner before it ejects a Mob, and then dumps the Loot in its Middle, being an opaque Block it causes the Items to eject into random directions.

Do I need to say any more things about this Mod to paint you a Picture of what this supposed "Vacation at Tropicraft" was supposed to be?

I've spent like 2 hours writing this so far I think... I really wanna end this Post, but hey I added Bars, they can be used to Cage Animals, or Players, or whatever, they are Piston Pushable that's nice, you can use them as Guard Rails and Stuff.

Thank you all for your Support and have a Download Page Link for your Convenience. :)

As to what I did IRL recently:

I was so pissed at Youtube not only doing that EU Stuff but also dropping my Subscriptions despite having done the Bell and Email Notifications, that I decided to use a youtube-dl Script to automatically download everything for me, at least that way I don't miss Videos all the time.

Also gonna be helpful when I have to use VPNs with it just to access my Subscriptions, because I know how Youtube handles unavailable Videos, since Germany already has similar shit going on with the GEMA but with a less large scope.