Weekly Recap 30/Nov/18
  • Almost finished Scarlet's animated scene.
  • New item Icons.
  • New minigame art.
  • New particle effects for the new garden "harvest tool".


  • Finished expanding Scarlet's questline for this next update.
  • Spellchecked old dialogues.
  • Reworked old dialogues to make them more consistent.
  • Some of Ivy's dialogues will change depending if Scarlet has moved in.
  • Now the game will ask the player to assign Scarlet a role for her relationship with Ivy, by default will be "Friend", but It can be changed to other thing the player desires.
  • The steel shovel now will only appear on Janet's shop after working on the garden for the first time, to avoid confusion.


  • New minigame is completelly coded

Archery minigame

  • Now the first time you practice archery with Scarlet (after waking up) will be reduced to only 15 seconds, to make that obligatory training session less tedious on replay. 

Tavern minigame 

  • Changed the tavern minigame Spirit bar mechanics , now it will be used automatically once it gets full, without option to use it manually to make it more intuitive.
  • Due to the Spirit bar automatic use, it's effect length has been doubled.
  • Changed the visual aspect of the spirit bar on the tavern minigame 
  • Mana pickups, will now not only give fill the spirit bar, but also empower the effect for a couple of extra seconds 

 Garden minigame 

  • Added a new "Harvest tool" to the garden
  • Garden plants will not be picked automatically anymore.
  • The harvest tool can harvest double (30% chance) or triple (10% chance), to make some grinding for a specific plant more bearable.
  • Garden's Overgrowth spell will no longer grant fruits 
  • Garden's Overgrowth spell now advances 300% more time
  • Garden's plant will now stay alive almost indefinitely  (100 days)
  • Prices for fruits have gone up overall to reduce grinding.
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