Dark Theme, New API Features, Relationship Update
Dark theme is now available for public usage (yay!) under account -> toggle button. Fixed some bugs with theme cookies, and got some new endpoints up on production for getting Waifus on currently airing shows, and added a new beta search endpoint for the API.

Relationship Update

Work is going to begin on a new update called the Relationship Update. The goal of this update is to allow users to personalize their profile to a degree that has not been possible. There will be a few stages to this update:

Username claiming

Patreon users will get first pic for claiming permanent usernames to be used in the URLs of MyWaifuList (e.g. mywaifulist.moe/u/MyUsernameHere)

Custom Lists

You will have the ability to add Waifus to custom lists, which will show up as tabs on your profile (with option to disable the defaults). These lists will be order-sensitive, allowing you to rank your Waifus. Additionally:

Order sensitive (order them however you like)
Change each display picture
Add custom notes to each entry
Change True Love display picture, description