patreon update! please read!!
hi snouts! we have an announcement to make regarding our patreon, the current state of the instance, and a great way to get involved as a community. this one's really important to us so please read!

thanks to your support, is a completely self-sufficient mastodon instance. we're also one of the most active instances in the fediverse! over the last two months we've invested a bit to upgrade the functionality here, and have plans to keep our capacity on par with our growth over time. so far, that's meant:

  • moving to dedicated hosting
  • moving our media storage to a CDN service that will allow us to grow
  • utilizing cloudflare to reduce the load on our servers and protect against attacks
  • setting up a scalable email provider
  • and more on the way!

even with our growth in these areas, we have found that right now we still have a bit left over each month on our patreon. it's critical to us that as a community-driven space, snouts be run as transparently as possible, so at the end of each month we plan to share our full expenses with our patrons. the first post went up alongside this one, covering our expenses for september, october and november.

so, what to do with any leftover funds each month? snouts staff has done a lot of thinking and discussion on this, and we feel that in keeping with the spirit of our community, what makes the most sense is to donate every penny above the costs it takes to run the instance each month to a charity that the community selects. we have a few in mind, like Trans Lifeline, but we want your suggestions as well. each month, we will ask our patrons to select a charity based on suggestions from the instance, so that everyone has a chance to be involved in deciding where this goes.

snouts is and will always be a place of community, run for each and every one of you to have a better space to call home online. please always feel free to let us know how you feel about this - staff is here to support you to the best of our ability.

thank you, and we love you! staff xoxo