Hi guys! Last time I've written a little on my page. But this means only one thing - I worked a lot. Or rather, WE work a lot. Less words, more action and all that. Briefly touch on a few points: 1. We now have a rooms generator. There were some trouble with it, but now it can be (formally) more than a thousand different variants of the rooms in our game. Of course some differs are not so noticable but anyway it's cool. In addition, this toolkit provides a great opportunity for the further development of our game. 2. The combat system finally took the form which will be published in the demo version. Honestly, I'm not happy in every detail of it. But we decided it would be wise to give you to try it and get your feedback. Further changes in the combat system will be made after release of the demo version. 3. We have come up with some cool concept... Actually it will be a new huge layer of gameplay for the IQ. It is connected with the girls, monsters, and their interaction. ;) But no details for now. In any case, we will develop this system after the demo version. In general, work is in full swing. We are already close to the finish line with our demo-version. And that's great. Thank you very much for your support and patience. Hope we can repay you well for it. P.S. I plan to publish a rather unexpected clip soon. I hope you will be interested in it.