#VicarGate : This has been the Craziest weekend of my media life thus far
This weekend has been crazy, never did I ever think that any of my stories would get SO much attention, and traction, to the point it was MAIN STREAM news!

The Story of Lynn Hayter and how the BBC have used her, honestly, it not anywhere near the first time I have covered and publicly posted about a story on this topic, it is just the first time any of them have got actual attention. IN a few days I have went from total Obscurity to a tiny bit known, which for someone who intends on working within media/news media, is brilliant.

As many people know, I am Dyslexic, so the writing part being what lets me down, and it is this which has created the situation where I have managed to get the story out, via twitter, but at the same time, this way of releasing a story has led to it being picked up, and the origins being obscured.

Of course, with the BBC using their platform to call what I had found a "conspiracy theory" led to many, covering the story in that way. The fact here is, it was never a conspiracy theory, it was a bona fide genuine news story in development, like ANY other news story, thankfully, the BBC Newsnight played an absolute blinder, not just falling into a trap of lies, but literally attempting to project a wave of allegations from me, to them, that eded out ALSO to be true! (they voluntarily denied Paying Lynn Hayter, which turned out to be a lie after The Independent threw their powers at the story!

The only really negative or frustrating part of this story, is the lack of Credit. As of yet, the entities who have actually credited me for this story are Evolve Politics, Jane Martinson of the Guardian and VoxPolitical (if any more exist, please let me know!).  

The story was picked up by everyone from the Daily Mail to LBC, which in all honesty,credit or not, is amazing! I do what I do (looking at political dishonesty within Broadcast Media) as it is both a passion and what I learn, using this and other stories to preparing for my 4th year projects (guess what topic they will be on!)

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(This was not the first, one of my last exposures of the Media being used for absolute Evil, would be my story on the Class War attack on Jacob Rees-Mogg (that was also total BS!)


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